Romulo Cafe

Romulo Cafe Quezon City

Scout Tuason South Triangle, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 332-7275
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Jerome Bundalian

Jerome Bundalian had Tito Greg's Kare-Kare, Lechon Kangkong, Lumpia Hubad, Iced Tea, Pandan Rice, and Pomelo Salad


Delicious and affordable food; relaxing ambience; surprising service charge

2 years ago

Benn Gasacao

Benn Gasacao had Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings


It was too salty. I was expecting it to be spicy but nevertheless we finished it right away since serving is just 4pcs.I will only recommend this to hungry eaters since serving is quite fast.

3 years ago


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We ordered smoked bangus pate with pandesal chips, pomelo salad, tito greg’s kare-kare, honey garlic pork spare ribs, flying tilapia with 3 sauces, rice, ginataang sigarillas with tinapa and drinks. I was enjoying my food (as it was admittedly palatable) when I noticed a foreign object on my “ginataang sigarillas with tinapa”. I examined the object closer only to find out that it was a FLY. I showed the same to my friends who confirmed that it was indeed a fly. I was entirely grossed out that I didn’t touch any of the other dishes we ordered. We took a picture just to make sure we have proof of our claim. Thereafter, we brought it to the attention of one of the waiters, who immediately replaced my plate and pulled out the contaminated “sigarillas”. No other action was taken as if it was just a minor thing. Annoyed by this treatment, one of my friends called the manager. Apparently, he was not aware of the incident. Amusingly, he asked us if the fly was dead, as if it would have made any difference. After seeing the picture, he offered a complimentary slice of cake.

To be fair, they apologized and ended up footing the bill but not after one of my colleagues was already irate at how they handled the situation. We recommended that they dispose of the same batch of ginataang sigarillas prepared that night.
We thought that they can benefit alot if they: (1) enforce a higher food hygiene standard; (2) improve their crisis response management.

4 years ago


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Good food, spinning waiter


Romulo was recommended to me by a friend and I have not looked at the reviews before coming. So I did not have overly high expectations for the place.

True enough, the food delivered well. We ordered the sinigang with pork liempo, Karekare and laing with adobo flakes. None of the dishes scrimped on the ingredients - with the Karekare sauce standing out from the rest. Even my girlfriend who do not usually have Karekare was pouring the sauce all over her rice.

Unfortunately, the service in this place did not match the ambiance nor the price range it positioned at. For some reason, all of the waiters seemed disgruntled with their jobs. Inquiries I made were only met with curt, sometime incomprehensible replies as if I was keeping them from watching a pacquiao fight (place was only half filled). I even had one waiter literally spin away (crossover style) from me halfway through my sentence. Wtf?

So in summary, great food. Will I come back? Probably not.

4 years ago


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The crew cost them customers


I heard very good reviews about Romulo Cafe and was looking forward to trying the food. Finally, when something worth celebrating came, I reserved a table for my family two days before we were scheduled to go.

My family and I arrived on time at 6:00pm. The place was not packed yet, only occasional diners were there, but the room near the reception area was empty (the room to your right when you enter the restaurant). Let me just reiterate that we were the first ones there but guess where the crew placed us? Near the service area! With the plates and glasses as our background. Not wanting to dampen the mood because I was so excited to be there, we asked one of the crew if we can transfer to a "better" place... meaning, away from the service area. he said that we can't because they have already fixed the place to accommodate other people who made reservations.

well, my dad was already fuming at this point, it was bad enough that we were placed near the service area when we were the first to arrive, but the crew seemed disinterested and inattentive.

my sister had it. she asked to speak to the manager, and when the manager arrived, we asked if we can perhaps transfer since we were the only customers there. so finally, they relented and placed us near the door.

we placed our orders and i would give it to them, the service was quick. but far from the gastronomic explosion i was expecting, the food was kinda blah.. i mean, the sauce for the vegetable salad was too sweet, and that's about the most memorable dish i had. the food was not memorable at all. the other reviews were very generous in their praises and for that, the owners should give them a lifetime of free meals. that is, if they last that long.

but entertainment was great though, the service crew who were stationed near the door, presumably to "cater to our needs" were talking to each other like we were not there! how's that for free entertainment?

anyway, midway to our meal, a has-been bold actor came in with his family. when they ushered him to one of the empty tables, he refused and pointed to one of the "better" tables. and you know what, they did not have to ask to speak to the manager, the crew immediately re-arranged the "pre-arranged" tables just for them. of course, anything for a celebrity, right? they did it with such gusto it was insulting.

sigh.. i don't really mind if the food they served was substandard because i was not expecting a five-star dinner. but what made it such a drag was the inattention, the insensitivity, the inefficiency of the crew. it was one of the worst service ever.

you can have the best food in the world, but if you don't respect or take care of your customers, you'll be left eating it alone.


4 years ago


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The interior design was fab - a great place to bring foreigners and balikbayans :)

Food was awesome.
I especially loved the sigarillas.
Crispy suman sa latik was unique!

we would deifinitely come back again and again!

5 years ago


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Feels like a very nice dinner party


Thankfully, Romulo Cafe is not hard to find. From T. Morato, just turn left at Alfredo's (if you're coming from E. Rod), drive straight a bit and you'll see it at the corner. The house is simply breathtaking at night. You feel like you've just arrived at a very lavish dinner party. On the other hand, the food is nothing too gourmet or snobbish. The menu is basically all about homegrown Filipino dishes we all grew up eating but somehow never get tired of. To begin our meal, we had the smoked bangus pate with chips, which was a tasty and simple appetizer, followed by the pomelo salad. My friend found the salad a little too sweet, but for a caesar salad-loyalist like me, I actually loved it and even had 3 helpings. Very refreshing and delicious! Next, we had the monggo soup. Nothing too spectacular there... The chicken galantina came next, complete with drippings on the side. It was juicy, flavorful, and oh-so comforting, just the way mom used to make it! The beef kare-kare was also simply fantastic. I'm still dreaming about it right now. I actually wanted to have more -- especially with the side bagoong which is really, really delicious with lots of rice and sauce -- but I had to still make room for the crispy pata. By the way, the tomato topping on top of the crispy pata is "ulam" by itself!! We ended up eating so much rice because the food was so flavorful and just having one serving was so bitin. Basically, the dishes don't have this 'cooked by a Cordon Bleu chef' feel to them. It's more of 'just like my mom/grandma/aunt used to make,' but better. For dessert, we had the lava cake, which was pure chocolate heaven. The ice cream seemed homemade and definitely not one of the usual commercial varieties. I would have preferred it though if they had made the serving a little bigger. The cake was only a very thin slice which was way, way bitin. (Needless to say, all the food servings are generous and were more than enough for our party of four.)

I must say the waiters are somewhat inattentive or just simply indifferent to the customers. I had to call their attention several times just to ask for a water refill. I almost felt as if they were intentionally avoiding me.

All in all, we had a good dining experience there and would not hesitate to go back to try the other dishes. :)

5 years ago

port manteau

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Great for full meals, probably better for coffee


We were a group of 3 having late Saturday lunch. We ordered Tuna Sisig, Chicken Adobo sa Gata and the meat Kare Kare. The food, while not extraordinary, is cooked well and presented nicely.

The tuna sisig is cut into even cubes, tastes creamy...but not much more.

The coconut cream in the adobo sa gata was a little curdled, detracting from the presentation of the dish. On the other hand, chili flakes were sprinkled as a garnish and provided delightly little boosts of flavor.

The kare-kare, like the other reviewers say, has too much sauce, not enough vegetables, and a fair amount of meat and tripe that I'd say is good enough for 2; 3 if you ordered 1 dish to a person each, like us.

Dessert was a delightful experience - which means I will think of Romulo as a coffee place to frequent, in addition to Uno on Scout Fuentebella. Try the crepe-wrapped suman sa latik and the delicately crispy triangle-shaped pineapple turon accompanied with calamansi sorbet. Although the pineapple seemed to come out of a can, it's clear in execution that their pastry team knows what theyre doing.

Great ambience and polite staff justify the bump-up in prices.

5 years ago


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Been hearing a lot about Romulo Cafe


Went to have dinner at Romulo Cafe rainy Friday night of June 11. We just walked in and fortunately there was a space for two outside! We were seated in 10 minutes though. And because the cafe was super packed and noisy, enjoying our meal was no longer possible. We quick meals so we can go. The Adobo Baby Squids was average. The one in one new restaurant in Cereza Compound in Naga is better. Tito Greg's Karekare was good, the serving size even better - big WOW for the price! The kare kare sauce (too much) compensated though for the big serving as meat and veggies were scarce. Since the cafe was very full, some used dishes and wet rag were left lying around for some time on the table next to ours. Service was very fast and good. Food is affordable.

6 years ago


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V's Views: Romulo Cafe


Romulo Cafe, Quezon City
Scout Tuason cor. Sct. Dr. Lazcano
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 332-7275

Business Hours: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Zen - total look outside, Black and White ensemble w/ war era pictures of Carlos P. Romulo inside , noisy during peak hours or we were just seated near a noisy group


Ginataang Sigarillas with Tinapa - (PhP 150.00) I am biased , I love anything cooked with coconut . This is different. Haven't tasted anything like it. Smoky and flavorful less the guilt.

Bagnet Pakbet - (Php 180.00) - veggies are crunchy but the bagnet is not ( a surprise when you except it to be crispy ). Good.

Tito Greg's Kare-Kare (PhP 350.00) - nutty and nice

Chicken Pork Adobo Romulo Style ( PhP 280.00) - Twice cooked chicken and pork with adobo savor on the side , real adobo , simple san the oily sauce immersing the meat

Pandan Rice - true to its name ...

Coconut Shake - (PhP 90.00) well blended , too sweet for my tooth but yummy nevertheless

Service: fast

Comfort Room:
Clean, communal, same black and white theme

side streets

Wifi: none

My Rating: ( 5 being the highest ) 4 Stars. Value for money. Great food. Nice interiors.

6 years ago

Victor Ocson

wrote a review

Good Pinoy Comfort food


When a food critic writes about a restaurant's interior design more than the food, you should have reason to doubt. But being the foodies that we are, we decided to go ahead and see what the fuss was about. Well, the interiors were definitely impressive, it's Filipino inspired but done entirely in black & white! The function rooms however, were more colorful but still in keeping with the design concept. But enough about the decor, let's talk about the food. Looking at the menu, you won,t find anything impressive, after all, kare kare is kare kare. There are a few items that says "Filipino fusion" that makes it a bit more interesting. Generally, what you will get is Filipino comfort food done very well. The kare kare sauce is good enough on its own with just rice and bagoong. And the fusion dishes are quite successful, too. Do try the Smoked Bangus Pate, it's one dish you'll want to go back to over and over again. I also recommend the Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan, I like the fact that it's boneless so it's easy to eat. However, the Tuna Sisig would have been more successful if they added chillies and called it Tuna Bicol Express, it had too much cocnut milk in it to be called sisig. Other than that it would have been fine. The disappointing dishes are the Flying Tilapia with 3 sauces, and the Ensaladang Pinoy. The former because, despite the tilapia having butterflied and deep fried, it still wasn't crispy. The ensaladang pinoy was just deconstructed for the sake of appearance, other than that, nothing special about it. Other than that it was a good dinner. To top it all off, we decided to go to Lia's Cakes in Season for Ube Cheesecake, Avocado Cake and Mango with Passion Fruit Cheesecake, in keeping with the Fusion Filipino themed dinner.
What I like about the restaurant is that it has very little pretentions. it calls a spade a spade, No over the top superlatives written on the menu to hype up the dishes only to disappoint you when the actual dish comes to your table, even the decor, beautiful as it is, does not hide the fact that it used to be an old unimpressive residential structure. The food is also reasonbly priced, too.

6 years ago


Filipino Cafe
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 3:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 11:00PM
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