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wrote a review for Krocodile Grille Trinoma Mall

Devilled Crispy Pata - good but too garlicky...


Damn... I forgot to bring my camera again here. Had to settle with my phone's camera... so pardon my low-res photos... hehehe :-)

Any-hoo... On my quest to find the best Crispy Pata ever, we decided to go to Krocodile Grille in Trinoma to try their famed Devilled Crispy Pata... said to be so good and spicy too... I thought to myself, let's see...

It has been a really looooong time since we last ate at Krocidile Grille... 10 years ago to be exact (2001) at their first Makati Branch. I never thought of going back for the food... probably 'coz we just ordered frog legs, molo soup, and sisig back then. Was too busy with something else *wink* so I wasn't able to get a good look of their menu.

So back to straightforward talk on the Devilled Crispy Pata...

What I Liked: price-relatively cheap at Php. 420.00 for resto-crispy pata, cooked well-crispy, spicy, had the fatty gelatinous parts that I always look for

What I Did Not Like: the sprinkled fried garlic bits were too overpowering... you can't really take a bite of the Crispy Pata with the bits of garlic if you want to taste the pata itself...

Will I Go Back?: Yes, but if I do go back here for their Devilled Crispy Pata, I'll most probably have ours served without the garlicky bits

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8 years ago


wrote a review for Mey Lin Trinoma

Served Hot and ... Hot?


The P99 "quick cook" meals are served hot, like how you'd like your Chinese dishes to be ... however, it was a bit of a distraction to eat hot food in such a hot place.

The servers said the AC's being fixed. It's been 4-days though ... can't enjoy hot food in the heat!

Overall, the food tastes a little bit more than average, than other Chinese / HK-style restaurants I've been at. It's not good to expect North-Park-like dishes in here (in terms of taste). However, you'll still enjoy 'em.

We ordered Yang Chow rice, Lemon Chicken, Sweet&Sour fish, Canton, and Steamed Dumplings. The serving size is just good enough for 1 person. Someone with a real-good appetite though, might need more than one viand to enjoy the food. Oh and to add, their bottomless iced tea needs a little bit more flavor. I guess the mixes are too-diluted in water.

Hope they get to fix their AC soon.
We didn't bother to check the hand-pulled noodles anymore ... it was too "hot" to handle inside!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Bigoli SM City North EDSA



its been a great food trip xperience eating in this Italian restaurant. My girlfriend want to come back and eat pesto again she also remember the complementary bread ahahaha... thanks Bigoli for feeding us... keep up the good taste ahahaha...

8 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review for Peking Garden Restaurant Trinoma

Special Occasions Call for Special Restaurants


My husband had been raving about a meal he ate at Peking Garden in Makati so we decided to try the Peking Garden in Trinoma for Easter dinner. There were 5 of us in the party. We made reservations 3 days in advance. The day before our meal, a staff member called to confirm that we were still going to have dinner at the restaurant. I took this opportunity to reserve a Peking duck and order suahe for our appetizer. We decided to have the duck cooked 3 ways--the usual crispy skin wrapped in thin little pancakes with cucumbers and green onion stalks and a little plum sauce; the bony portions cooked in soup with pechay and tofu; and the meat minced and cooked with secret seasonings to be wrapped in crisp lettuce leaves.

I requested the xiao long pao, one of my favorite Chinese foods of all time. I've been disappointed at many other local restaurants because usually the dumpling is too tough or too thick. Somehow the broth is always disappointing at the other places--it either leaks out or is cold and kind of gross. I'm glad I persevered and asked for it at Peking Garden. The xiao long pao here was the best I've had in the Philippines so far! The only other place I've eaten it where it was better was at a restaurant known for this particular dumpling in Shanghai.

We also tried the crispy beef in sesame buns as recommended by other reviewers on munchpunch. The sauce for this dish was much too sweet for our taste, but the concept of the dish was new to us and we forgave the over-generous hand with the sugar. In the future, if we order this dish at Peking Garden again, we'll definitely request that they lessen the sugar by at least half.

We also had the traditional appetizer of cold meats--chicken, pork asado and jellyfish. The guys had some beer and our companion had a ripe mango shake. We also downed quite a bit of house tea because it felt like the right beverage to help digest the crispy duck skin. The wait staff was gracious and prompt about constantly refilling our tea pot.

Since we don't eat in high end restaurants very often, I was really impressed with the ambiance. It's traditional Chinese, on the formal side, very clean and well-lit.

The wait staff was knowledgeable about the different menu items and they also anticipated our needs so that by the time we asked for more cucumbers and onions for the duck pancakes or more soup in our bowls, the wait staff was already in the act of fulfilling our requests. Bravo on this!

So...bottom line again (just for the budget-conscious diner!), there were 5 of us tonight. We had the appetizer of cold meats, xiao long pao, suahe, a Peking duck served 3 ways, and enough crispy beef with sesame buns so each of us could have our own savory pocket of meat, 3 beers and a mango shake...and our total bill (minus the discount for 2 senior citizens) was P5200.

In my opinion, the dining experience was well-worth the money!

A postscript to our overall dining experience. One of our companions was in a wheelchair. Peking Garden is one of several restaurants in Trinoma that is effectively difficult to access because there is an architectural feature of a running stream with little steps going up, over and down to cross this stream. This makes it extremely difficult for the handicapped. From our experience, I will know to ask at restaurants when I make a reservation--is your establishment handicap-friendly? I don't blame the restaurant for this difficulty in this case. It was ignorance on my part and I will do better next time.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Café Mary Grace Trinoma Mall

Mary Grace is Ok-three visits


I had lunch at Mary Grace in Trinoma two days last week. On the first visit I had the Grilled Chicken with Black Olive Dressing. The chicken was very good, perfectly cooked and the dressing was interesting and the greens were totally fresh-a mixed of light and dark lettuce. I also had the pasta amatriciana, a tomato based pasta with four small meat balls. The meat balls had an interesting texture and were tasty though they were small. The pasta and the sauce were ok. For dessert I ordered apple pie ala mod. This was the first apple pie I have had in over two years-the pie filling was just ordinary but the crust was incredible delicious-they best I have ever had.

On my second visit I wanted to try the dips-I got the cream cheese and artichoke dip-it was very good but at 199 pesos they should have bigger servings-I ordered the special on the black board-rosemary chicken over couscous (a rice like pasta)-the quality of this was unacceptable-the chicken was dry and tough and the pasta was tasteless-I wanted to have the delicious apple pie again-they were out of ice cream but the crust was very delicious. The service was good and friendly-the setting in Trinoma next to National Book Store is very nice-

Based on my two visits-I will still go back to try some of the other items-the prices are reasonable for the items of quality but not for the disappointing items-I would not tell some who has never eaten there to go without advising them that it seems 50/50

I made a third visit to Mary Grace yesterday (in Trinoma) -it was an all postive experience-the wait staff is friendly and competent-I ordered an orange chicken salad with Feta Cheese-the lettuce-mixed dark and endive-(no iceberg!) was totally fresh-the chicken was cooked perfectly, the quantity was just right and the dressing was good-I also had another apple pie-the filling is OK- but the crust is just delicious-it right next to National Book store-

I went for my 4th visit today-I had the chicken salad -very good-and the chicken inasal sandwich-it was very good also-

8 years ago


wrote a review for Gerry's Grill Trinoma Mall

Grilled At Its Finest!


I only ordered Beef Caserole from this branch. And yes, it's wonderful! Me and my boyfriend did order a lot on the side (plus 2 main dish for him) and we're pretty much satisfied.

Serving amount is sufficient for a hungry tummy!
The taste satisfies the cravings!
Gerry's Grill has been a fave for me for years and this branch didn't fail our appetite's calling!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Pancake House Quezon Avenue

Good Food Can't Wait That Long ...


... To be eaten!

LOL. Well, I love the servings from Pancake House. The meals are really delicious! However, service at this particular branch is rather slow. A 10-minute promise takes more than 30 minutes to be served, even when the area is just 20% populated past peak hours. The crew members forget the order you had; and you have to call their attention again to remind them.

If only this branch will have faster service, I'll be back here. Props for maintaining the "Pancake House-feel" though! And yes, their food stays good. I only dislike the amount of time waiting. :)

8 years ago


wrote a review for Cyma Trinoma Mall

big servings.. value for your money


All that I can say is every penny is worth it. Not only is the serving big, but the service is great as well. Gyro tastes really good Greek salad is refreshing! We plan on eating there again... :)

8 years ago

Jo Albin Nery

wrote a review for Tres SM The Block

Filipino food, deconstructed.


Because the oldies don't want to go somewhere far and because we were running out of places to dine in, we celebrated our parents' wedding anniversary at this relatively new restaurant at SM North EDSA called Tres. Why they named it such is still a mystery to me, but some food bloggers have said that the usual servings are fit for three people. Maybe it's because three's already a crowd? I dunno. But enough with that and on with my story.

So, we entered the restaurant, and while it looked spacious from the outside, it's actually a small but cozy loft-type room than can sit at most 50 people. The interior is clean and simple, with wooden furniture and colored glass wall accents reminiscent of the vibrant colors of kiping, Lucban's edible decorations hung during the Pahiyas festival. We were seated at the farthest corner, just below a bright LED TV displaying their specialties in a loop.

For starters, my brother ordered beef salpicao. Yes, it is weird considering salpicao is always a main entree, but it did not disappoint. It was a bit salty and there is a lingering taste of red wine (maybe because it was flambeed in a hurry), but I would rather have it as an appetizer than eat it with rice. My sister asked for callos, which is still unsettling that it is served as an appetizer like the salpicao. This one is worth trying. The tripe is very tender and it doesn't taste like pork and beans out of the can. The sauce is tasty that you would wish it was part of the main entrees so the serving would be large enough for, a family of 5. We also had gising-gising. Though crunchy enough to pass as fresh, it was quite forgettable.

For the main course, my father opted for the kare-kare all-you-can promo for the evening while i suggested that we try the crispy ginataang hito and the kalkag rice. The restaurant has this habit of deconstructing Filipino food that the kare-kare arrived as an array of crispy bagnet, shrimps, and vegetables with the peanut sauce in a small carafe. Dad had a problem with the sauce, though. It tasted funny, like it had a hint of vinegar to it or the peanuts from which it was made from were fried first (like the ones they sell in the street) before they were mashed instead of just using pre-made peanut butter. All of the different "sahog" were delectable enough to be eaten without the sauce, though, and he kept asking for refills, much to my mom's dismay (he's got HBP). Plain rice was ok, but the kalkag rice was delish! Though on the very oily side, it is a meal in itself. And, true to the Tres name, the serving of the rice was good for three people. I wish I could say that for the viands, though.

The runaway victor of the night was the crispy ginataang hito. As with the kare-kare, the ginataan sauce was served on the side, though a bit of it was drizzled on top of the butterflied and filleted catfish. The presentation was very good and enticing. Though not very crispy, the catfish fillet was juicy with every bite and it doesn't reek. The crispy part is actually the bone with some meat still sticking to it. The ginataan sauce with a hint of ginger went well with the fish.

Service was OK, though pretty slow when it wasn't a full night. Even the head chef assisted us when my dad asked for his peanut sauce to be replaced (the replacement tasted the same, though). But I did not complain. My brother had other thoughts, though (he was never a fan of "glorified homecooked meals" anyways). The dinner was superb with the callos, the hito, and the kalkag rice. Others were so-so, but I'm not gonna go with the kare-kare (and yeah, the buko pandan shake, which I almost totally forgot that they ordered, not really a fan here). Prices were rather cheap compared to other sassy Filipino restaurants. For five people, P2000 pesos is already cheap (we had a P3000 meal at some resurrected resto at SM North that wasn't even worth it) so I could say it's worth trying out on dates and other celebrations, but the serving sizes need a little adjustment, in my honest opinion.

I'll definitely come again here, but I think I'm going to try their other all-you-can-eat promos instead of the kare-kare.

8 years ago

May Gana

wrote a review for Big Better Burgers Visayas Avenue

New Place That's Worth a Try


When this place first opened, I was a bit skeptic to try it out. But after the first bite, wow! I knew I just had to go back. The burgers they serve are just amazing. The bread is perfectly toasted and their burgers are incredibly juicy. For a student, it may be a bit expensive since the burgers range from 120 - 150 pesos. The drinks are still additional.

It's located inside a condominium building so it's fairly quiet. Also, the resto is well lit and it's a great place to dine with friends since it's very spacious.

For those who need internet, this place also has free WiFi. Just ask the waitress for the password.

8 years ago

ruby lao

wrote a review for Mister Kabab West Ave.



i went there twice last year and i was doubly disappointed. to think that they're almost empty,
the service is terrible. although the price is cheap and the food is so-so, it's not worth the trip.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Gelatissimo Trinoma Mall



no frill, no gimmicks, just plain good gelato. apple pie flavor still at the top of my list.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Toast Box Trinoma Mall

Not toasting for Toast Box


We went to Toast Box upon the recommendation of a friend. She said that their Hainanese Chicken was good. We were surprised to encounter 3 things. 1. UNFRIENDLY LOOKING STAFFS. She was not smiling. 2. SLOW SERVICE. It took them not less than 20 minutes to serve our order of Hainanese Chicken and Nasi Goreng. There were only 3 tables being served when we were there. The first table was a group of 5, everyone eating already. Second table, a group of 3. Two have been served their food but the 3rd person was waiting for her hainanese chicken and rice to be served. We were the 3rd table. 3. TASTE. Not the taste we were looking for.

While the taste could be subjective it's the first two reasons that would make us not come back to Toast Box.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Nomixx Resto Bar & Grill Visayas Ave.

My Review


Such a nice place to hang-out..

9 years ago


wrote a review for Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant Trinoma Mall

The WORST Customer Service


I just want to fully vent my complaint to this certain cashier who is on duty at around 2 p.m. today January 15, 2011 at your one and only Greenbelt branch.

She is located near the refrigerators where the Mango Bravo cakes are conspicuously displayed.

She was "suplada" as she was not entertaining my concern as a customer.

Instead she was evading me and pretending to be more busy in arranging some stuff on her counter.

She projected a pouting face at me as I ask her on the price of the Mango Bravo of which I was about to buy.

And she even entertain another customer who arrived later than me on the store instead of getting my cake order first.

I just lose my excitement in buying that cake on that day.

I hope this complaint will be brought to the attention of the management of your store.

And I hope that your cashiers or store attendants are well-trained in dealing with customers as to ensure quality customer service.

Your cakes are good but your store attendants are below par in terms of proper manners & etiquette.

9 years ago


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