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207 EDSA Highway Hills, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 722-8125
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Maria Clarizza Lazaro

Maria Clarizza Lazaro had California Maki

5 years ago


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I Love Japanese Buffet


Eating out during weekends with the family is what we all look forward too.
My favorite, Japanese food! Surprisingly, a few years ago me & my sisters are not that familiar with this cuisine...because it seems we are not adventurous that way...then we discovered Saisaki eat all you can Japanese was the start of our being into japanese food! I thought I could not ever eat anything raw, but the delectable salmon sushi really made a convert out of me...i could finish a full plate of dipped in wasabi, lemon and japanse soysauce! i so love it!
Now more new dishes to like are added to saisaki buffet! more flavors and textures to discover. And our favorite branch Edsa was recently renovated made lively and interesting with the chefs cooking and interaction with diners. My "likes" has now increased, from their yakitori, ebi tempura, the perfect juicy steaks, sukiyaki, and the unique saisaki salad, and so many, many more...just writing about it now makes me want to go back there again...with the family and friends who became more adventurous in trying new food like me!

6 years ago


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The Best Japanese Buffet


We have been craving all week for Japanese food! And thinking of the Saisaki buffet we love, makes us want it more! And so when our schedules matched, my barkadas and cousin headed to their EDSA Branch.
We like it more now at the EDSA branch, since their recent renovation. The interior, is more contemporary and more attractive now. And the scenes of actual cooking have had us hooked! You can request for really hot, hot food. Added to my passion for their superb sashimi (particularly my most, most favorite salmon sashimi) and california maki, is my new found-favorite nagisa, so love the match of mayo and cheese plus on the most succulent fish, truly mouthwatering! I think this will become the new best seller. New rolls are added again at their sushi bar, but I like most is the one that has cherries on unique!
Our lunches and dinners at Saisaki are always the BEST!

6 years ago


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Not Enough Bang for the Buck Anymore


Without a doubt, Saisaki EDSA has seen better days. The frayed decor speaks as much to the hard economic times as it does the long history of this once-mighty foodie haven. Still, at the end of the day, as long as you know what to eat, Saisaki remains a favorite. To be clear Saisaki EDSA is actually more of a "complex" for Triple V as it also includes Dad's and Kamayan.

One thing I miss with the Dad's part of it is the American Angus Beef. Up to around 1998 (if memory serves) there was still US Black Angus roast beef and beef dishes on the spread. That is now just a distant memory.

They still have the old favorites though, especially at the sushi bar: Uni, Unagi, Salmon, Tuna, all of which are still nearly 5-star quality and always good and fresh. I was once a big fan of the tempura here but again after around 1998 though it became always over-battered, quite unauthentic as the traditional Japanese ebi tempura is not coated silly in its batter. Saisaki used to do it right, but now I feel this is just an out-and-out gyp to slap on useless carbs on the tempura to fill up diners.

Saisaki steak, although no longer US Angus, is still tender and well-cooked, plus it is cooked to order ensuring hot freshness. It tastes like the best Monterey beef we have, so it isn't too bad a deal. I believe this is the same beef they use from the roast beef.

The Dad's paella, lengua and occasional callos are also still pretty good, not outstanding mind you, but good enough.

I wish the same could be said for the Kamayan lechon de leche, which is not available throughout the entire service time, and which they deviously replace with lechon kawali. Karekare however is still pretty good.

Recently they started putting in fresh fish dishes like skewered mahimahi and tuna in what seems to be a pesto of some kind. These are very good, nice and fresh, and well-cooked.

Overall Saisaki has indeed seen better days, and with their buffet price now hovering at around P550 per person on regular days and P650 on weekends, it might be better to go for the other buffets that are lesser priced and offer better spreads.

7 years ago


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Saisaki Eat All You Can Japanese Buffet


We like everything that is Japanese! Very, very much the food!
At Saisaki Edsa, the bright ambiance, and warm service makes indulging in buffet more worth it.
Eating my favorite ebi tempura (the best at Saisaki) with the hot, sweet tempura sauce...ohmyyyy....heavenly. Babe loves the salmon sashimi, he says it melts in the Now there are so many rolls & colorful maki at the buffet, i like the spicy very much! Both of us have another favorite, their creamy, delectable ...nagisa...hmmm. You can have the food hot from the buffet as the chefs cook them for you right there at the buffet! Loveeee it!

7 years ago


American , Japanese Casual Dining
P500 - 800
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