Sala Bistro

Sala Bistro Greenbelt 3

Unit 114 G/F Greenbelt 3, Garden Side, Esperanza St Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 729-4888
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Jay Ar Albaladejo

Jay Ar Albaladejo craved for Flourless Chocolate Cake

4 years ago


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very good but very pricey!


Sala Bistro is one of those restaurants that is intimidating at first. But once you open its door you will get sucked in by the sublime, minimal and very classy interiors, i love its black decors. so chic.

Now for the food. We had salad for appetizer, in this case a pear, rocket, walnut and blue cheese salad with honey and truffle vinaigrette. They were good enough to serve it individually, and totally loved it, although the rocket is in trickle and the blue cheese is tad too small to be tasted fully. For the main course, we had rib eye steak, as per the prodding of the head waiter, we also had two types of pasta, which is by the way superb to the taste.

All in all, it was a pleasant dining experience, which should be, if you pay 7,596.00 for a dinner of 4 adult and one child.

7 years ago


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Who is surprised now?


Considering that the price here is kind of expensive, I was really expecting something fabulous. Well, I would have to say that there are select food there that are really extremely good. The roasted chicken, the fish in paper (akala ko nung una fish with pepper haha!), and their salad (the one with fruits) were really good. For desserts, I suggest that you go to another place since this resto doesn't present many choices.

The service is okay. I just had to flag down waiters passing by whenever we need something (not too attentive that night when we ate).

All in all, okay siya. Yun.

Happy eating.

8 years ago


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Delicious lunch!


My friends and I just had lunch here. This is my second time to visit Sala Bistro (the first was for dinner two months ago). Service was great overall but some waiters were in a foul mood, maybe it was the heat outside. Anyway, the food...

For appetizers we had the Italian meats platter. Excellent. We somewhat made our own pizza slices as the meats (parma ham, prosciutto, etc.) were served with a spiced tomato spread and crisp bread. I would highly recommend this one! Others would recommend the Portabella mushrooms but I personally prefer the meats platter.

For the mains, we had Cannelloni (delicious but they were way too generous with the beef), a Portabella mushroom salad (delicious), and an open faced sandwich with salami and goat's cheese (delicious too).

Dessert was Vittoria coffee and Valhorna chocolate. Oh yeah, do order their dalandan juice!

The whole meal cost Php3,600. Not bad!

9 years ago


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Best Find at this Start of The Year ...


I can't help but rave. I just love this place - let me count the ways (from the mundane details to the meal itself) -
1. The Service - a bag hook for you ladies, never empty h20 glass ...however, it takes an effort to patiently wait for the food. It is arbitrary actually, it depends on how hungry you are. Just think of wonderful food ahead ...
2. The Hard Roll - I am not a big fan of this bread - in fact, I stay away as much as possible. But taking heed of my friend's rave, I took a bite and I was not disappointed. I have not tasted a crispy outside (making up for its hard shell) and soft inside. And the best thing about it is it's for free ;-)
3. The appetizers - Something you won't think of skipping. I have tried the Shitake Toast - now in other places, when they put a mushroom + sauce + toast, the toast goes soggy or rubbery. But no, the toast remains as it is - crisp. I also tried the quiche - it looked so smile for a quiche lover like me but eventually, you will realize, they made it just for those low EQ people who might have skipped the main dish after eating the appetizer :P The quiche has less taste of cheese - something that I keep on encountering in other places that serve this dish and more of egg. I love it that way - but the watchout for them is it's bordering to an egg tart because of the shell that they use.
4. The Meal - In similar type of restaurants, they can cook steaks to perfection BUT I never encountered one which can cook their fish and seafood well. I finally found base with Sala B. - the fish (in paper) was just right (no "fishiness", right firmness, and with juiciness). The seafood stew is "filling" with a nice balance of variety (I see scallop - huge!). The chicken - now usually for this, if not done properly, it gets dried up but I never encountered this way. It's so juicyyyy.

The menu is shorter than its mother, Sala Rest. There are some cross-similarities though. Hopefully, they will keep on changing the menu so that I can keep on coming back as I am almost done checking out their list :)

10 years ago


International , Steaks Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
  • F, Sa: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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