Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin EDSA

201 EDSA Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 726-4520
Sambo Kojin 3.125 5 8 3
ventocilla myel

ventocilla myel had Salmon, Miso Soup, and Pajeon


the food is not so good.... imperfect place for me and to my family.... service not good enough.... need improvement...

4 years ago

kram nobit

kram nobit had Tofu Steak, Kani Tempura, Yakisoba, Miso Soup, Salmon, and Kamameshi Rice


the food is not enjoyable for children.... i think the place is not fitted for a family reunion or any gatherings .... in short I don't like the food... that's it....

4 years ago

Brian Tamase

Brian Tamase was here


4 years ago


wrote a review

The Best Holiday Get Together


Wow it had been a hectic sched during the holidays...but so fun to have spent time again with relatives and friends.
A series of Christmas parties, baptisms, a wedding...whew!
But most notably enjoyable too was the holiday dinner we had here at Sambo Kojin with my cousins, aunts and grandma.
This resto,only less than a year old, is so popular that all the time I have visited it is always full and with long, long lines of diners at the lobby. But I have so much patience to wait it out hahaha, just to have a most delicious, happy grill session with close friends, and family.
And so the last holiday sched had been a hectic one in getting a reservation so we had to brace ourselves...but it's so great that their staff are so very attentive and reliable, and we do understand their concerns of trying to give everyone a chance to get a table in the most fair way as possible during the chaotic holiday season.
All you had to do was to be on time for your reservation, fair enough we agree. And so every one from our group were there on the dot...and everything was smooth afterwards...a most enjoyable how we grill the meat to juicy tenderness and season them with our favorite time...bonding and we even did our exchanging of gifts there. just wonderful!

6 years ago


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Terrible experience


I've eaten in Sambo Kojin several times already. In fact, prefer Sambo Kojin over other smokeless grill buffets because the 1) food quality is better, 2) buffet spread is always replenished quickly and 3) the set up of the tables is good - you won't feel cramped up while dining.

Here comes my terrible experience. The week before our planned dinner. I called to reserve for 20 persons at 7:00PM. The attendant on the phone informs me that they no longer accept reservations for 7PM. She informs me that I have to be there by 5:30PM to get a table. I asked if she could ready our table by 5:30PM and I'll be sure to be there even before the agreed time. So yesterday, my husband and I arrive a little past 5:00PM. The moment I arrive, the receptionist asks me with a frown, "It's only the two of you for now?" I didn't give much thought to her behavior until I reach upstairs to be told by the receptionist in the dining area that since my party is not complete yet, they are not going to hold the other tables for me because they have a holding period. Now that's just being plain unreasonable. We asked, "And what if our guests arrive only to find that they have no room to sit while we, the hosts, are sitting comfortably in our chairs? How would that make us look?" I told them that I'm very sure every seat in my party will be filled but I can't guarantee what time my guests will be coming since I have guests coming in from all over (From Makati and as far as Pampanga! just to eat in Sambo Kojin) especially given the traffic situation this time of the month. They only let up when I assured them that -my guests make it or not, I will pay for every seat in my reservation and handed them my credit card.

Apparently, Sambo kojin has this greedy policy that works something like this -- if you make a reservation, or I suppose that if you walk in, they expect EVERYONE in your party to arrive at the SAME TIME of your reservation. If not, they have the right to take the unoccupied tables after the "holding period". I'm not a first timer to buffet set ups like these but it is my first time to come across a restaurant with this ridiculous policy. I certainly hope this is not becoming a trend with the rest!

Were it not for this policy, this restaurant would have been great. I commend wait staff Jojo and Gener for the excellent service. But because of this experience, I will not patronize this establishment again.

Sambo Kojin: Why not just ask your guests to prepay for the bill and put a timer on the table as soon as they sit down if that's how greedy you want to get? I understand that Sambo is part of the Triple V group of restaurants. What I don't understand is how Triple V, which has been in the business of serving people for decades now, coughs up a policy like this to maximize their turnover rate.

6 years ago


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Excellent new feature


A surprise has made our lunch at sambo kojin edsa extra special. They have added a cool feature to their resto, as in literally cool ! ^_^
All the raw food like meat, seafood, veggies for grilling, are now placed inside big open chillers!
Even the varied sushi,sashimi line up are placed now in chillers. Wow, sambo kojin is really the best in terms of freshness &quality, compared to other yakiniku/grill restos who don't have this feature, sambo kojin is simply the best! Good job!
We excitedly joined in the diners getting food and admiring how organized and neat the fresh seafood, meat etc for grilling are, as arranged in those chillers. As always we were so eager to get on the grilling, enjoying the freshest, most delectable food, the cheerful atmosphere, the happy chatting with friends, savoring it all up during lunch. We loved it.

6 years ago


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Sambo Kojin - Yakiniku Smokeless Grill


Sambo Kojin - Yakiniku Smokeless Grill was the NEW Yakimix in town and we couldn’t wait to try it out!

The first thing we noticed was the ambiance of the place. It looked so classy compared to Yakimix. I love Korean Beef! Eating the beef with different marinates was divine for me. What I usually do is eat it with lettuce, cooked garlic and sam jang and wrap it all up in the lettuce and dip it in sesame oil. They also have variety of fresh sea foods to grill. The ponsi sauce would be great for the sea foods. They have different sauces found on the table so i suggest you explore all 6 so it’ll suit your taste buds.

After a full meal you cannot go without the deserts! I loved that they had chocolate fondue, cheesecakes, chocolate brownies, ice cream and more! I was so pleased with the chocolate fondue they have that I went back 4 times!

I pretty much loved the experienced I had here at Sambo Kojin. For 599/head it really was an amazing dinner for me and David. All in all it’s a 9.5 / 10 rating for me.
Would I go back? Definitely!
Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes.
Want to try Sambo Kojin? For location, contact details and reservation.

For photos and detailed review visit :-)

6 years ago


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Satisfying and Scrumptious Food @ Sambo Kojin


Looking for a new Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill restaurant to try out? The put Sambo Kojin Yakinuku Smokeless Grill next on your list of fun smokeless grill spots in the metro! If you love YakiMix, I believe you'll have a great time at Sambo Kojin too :-) In case you didn't know, Sambo Kokin is also from the Dad's-Saisaki-Kamayan-Somethin' Fishy family... so "satisfaction guaranteed" if I may say :-)

We already had several dinners at their Eastwood Branch (but wasn't able to take photos, since we were always late, thus... overly hungry whenever we finally get seated)... so we thought of checking out their EDSA branch, right above Dad's.

Anyway, I cannot help but make a few comparisons to YakiMix since they basically offer the same type of food and dining experience. My husband says, he prefers Sambo Kojin over YakiMix... so let me give you a rundown on what we liked better.

Sambo Kojin
... has a selection of sauces and condiments each of their tables
... offers scrumptious Kamameshi Rice in a pretty wooden serving container
... has better tasting Sukiyaki (in our opinion)
... has better tasting Tempura
... has a bit more cooked dishes which are quite yummy too... love the beef curry, tofu steak and spicy wings!
... have attendants and waiters who are more helpful and friendly... they'd be glad to give you a few tips on seasoning your grill items

If they only had the same Ice Cream and Popsicle selection as YakiMix, everything would be perfect. Hahaha :-)

Wasn't able to take a photo of their yummy Kamameshi Rice, so here's a photo I borrowed from their Facebook page... Just had to post it 'coz it's one of the highlights for me there... hehe :-)


Tip: Sambo Kojin also gets packed during the peak hours of lunch and dinner... especially on weekends, holidays, and special occasions... so try to come early if you don't like waiting :-)

Must-try: Kamameshi Rice, Beef Curry, Sukiyaki, and Tofu Steak... and have a short lesson from one of their attendants on how to season your grill items :-)

Will I Go Back?:
> Definitely!

Do I Recommend This Place?:
> Yes! We've also tried other Smokeless Grill places like YakiMix and BonoYaki... they're all good, but I would have to say that this is our fave place in terms of Smokeless Grill Restaurants.

for photos on my review, as well as other restaurant reviews, feel free to check out my blog and follow it too :-)

7 years ago


Japanese , Korean Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
  • F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 10:00PM
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