Seafood Club By Red Crab

Seafood Club By Red Crab Greenbelt 3

2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 757-4129
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Ryan Pedroso

Ryan Pedroso craved for Raymund's Salt and Pepper Crab

3 years ago


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cheap looking expensive buffet


we ate here just last weekend, we were treated by a friend who was celebrating her birthday, and we regretted it.

The buffet spread doesnt look appetizing, and very lean. The roast beef is literally roast beef fat, and teh crepe station was not available. The crabs for good ness sake looked like malnourished, i should know and its not fresh, i can tell because if its not fresh i got allergies instantly and i did get one immediately. With 700 pesos per person its really not worth it, and almost all the dishes tasted bland and not even one dish is outstanding.

Will never try their buffet again.

5 years ago


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My Worst Buffet Experience Ever!


After reading online reviews of the buffet at The Seafood Club by Red Crab, I was encouraged to try it out for myself. Much to my dismay, however, I found the entire dining experience quite disappointing - which is even an understatement.

First, the "Spanish-inspired" dinner buffet turned out to be Caribbean which threw me off for a loop from the start - especially after I got an unclear answer from the server outside when I asked her what about the buffet in particular made it "Caribbean".

The food selection was dismal - greatly lacking in variety. The dishes were actually lukewarm, which was not appetizing at all and the presentation was poor as well. The crabs were supposed to be the highlight of the buffet but instead were just plain bad - small & dried up, seemingly left over from that day's lunch or worse even yesterday's dinner buffet! None of the other dishes stood out for their taste either, everything was a disappointment.

The dessert station was depressing, there were barely anything to choose from & was not refilled right away when the items ran out. The chocolate in the chocolate fountain looked & tasted as if it was diluted, not with water but with oil or some sort of fat-like substance. The soft serve ice cream tasted artificial, the crepe station was non-existent & some dessert plates were even dirty!

Service is another poor aspect for this restaurant, the servers were not responsive and slow to react. Some even looked untidy and acted unprofessional by chatting up co-workers at the bar area.

Amenities of the place were a bit shabby as well, the floors were not clean and some tiles had chips on them. The booth / sofa chair where we were seated looked old & wrinkly too.

On a rate of 1 to 5, I give The Seafood Club by Red Crab a 0.5 or maybe even a 1 out of pity.

Understandably, this buffet is cheaper than others offered in the metro but my take on the whole thing is - if you cannot offer a good buffet for the price that you charge your customers (whether it be cheap or expensive) then you should not offer a buffet at all.

I am definitely not going back to this restaurant for their buffet ever again!

6 years ago


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re-coooked buffet foods!


What a disgusting experience my family & I had!We had ate in this resto and while we were dining with their buffet foods,we observed that some of the foods we ate were recooked!(the vegetables are really overcooked!,it seemed that it was cooked for more than twice!)and some of the sauces were quite sour!Even the "pastas" tasted a bit sour!!!I had just tasted it in my son's plate coz,I didnt grab it,coz its not appealing to me when I saw it.And to prove that,my son and my husband suffered a diarrhea!

And the most shocking experience, I saw crawling cockroaches on their corners.I was thinking,how about their kitchen?how does it looked-like?how unclean and unsafe foods they were serving?

Im just wondering,why should this kind of restaurant still exists?Customers paid a lot on this kind of restaurant and yet its not worth paying for?Does our Food & DRug Dept or our local health officials inspects for the wellness of food being served and the sanitation of this restaurant?Although,they have a lot of food being served but how about the quality & safety of each food?

I wrote this blog because I want to know the public that this kind of restaurant is a cheater!AND BEWARE COZ THIS RESTAURANT HAS A LOT OF BRANCHES AND I GUESS, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

6 years ago

hellskitchen manila

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crabs and music!


MY wife and i ate here first around 3 months ago taking the sunday buffet. we both enjoyed the choice of dishes and the superb ambiance created by a very good pianist/singer. We then ventured to take the kids and the yaya. On the Sunday we ate there were several families present. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and especially my wife who munched her way through 3 buckets of loved the pastas and the chocolate fountain. Good value overall and we will revisit as a family

7 years ago


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Crab Crab


2years ago we always eat there buffet because of the crabs they are serving and many choices of food, now we stop eating there because the crab was so small as if you are eating alimasag, and the price of the buffet is keep on increasing but the quality of the food is deteriorating, even my kids doesnt want to eat there any more.

8 years ago


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better ala carte


I don't like their buffet that much. Their dishes are better. Some plates take time to refill and their crepe station has no attendant. Their Crab Singapura though, is really good and big enough to share.

8 years ago


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