Shakey's Makati Cinema Square

Pasong Tamo Pio Del Pilar, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 777-77
Shakey's 3.6 5 10 7
Wynn Bergonio

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4 years ago

Mikhaela Mallari

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5 years ago


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Never again Shakey's Makati Cinema Sq


I had a bad experience with this same venue almost a year ago. This lunchtime I contemplated going back to this resto since they just had it renovated recently they must have improved their service ( and so i thought ; < ). Ordered the Supreme platter, first thing that got my goat was the soup was cold ( but I didn't said anything ) ! then came my order, OMG the chicken thigh serving was SMALL!I nicely asked the FA to give me chix breast instead,he came back & said only the thigh part was left --- Ok, no problem I requested for a bigger thigh piece instead. Then he came back & said this is the only piece they had. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? That really got me * / . That really spoiled my lunch! NEVER again!! I swear!

7 years ago


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the family dine-in in shakey's makati square, grabe super panget ng service. the food serve as in super dooper tagal pa isa isa pa... it took 20 mins yata kada food... ultimo bill 20mins din nilang inayos... so finally when they gave a piece of paper for the comments and suggestions... and ask if "we'll be visiting again?" my answer is a big check NO.... NEVER AGAIN!!!! for that bad service i didn't even bother to leave even a 1 peso for their tip haha=D

7 years ago

Haydee Ann Castro

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Bad customer service


Ever since, I like the taste of Shakey's. I would recommend the food to everybody who like italian food. But all that will stop because you might have good food but you have very bad service. On Sept.4,2008, I used the Citimobile to order pizza so I can avail of the promo of free Hawaiian pizza. I sent it to the place where I will be going and I wanted to surprise my family with the treat. When I got to the place, I asked if they delivered an extra pizza and they said no. So I quickly called up the call center and they told me that they will call back the branch in Makati Cinema Square. I waited for about 15 minutes and nobody called me up. I called again the call center and they said they will post a follow up. Again I waited for another 15 minutes and still nothing. I called up the third time and still the same answer. At long last someone from the branch called up and they said that they just received the informartion. I called the call center to ask if its true that they never made any follow up and they now passed the blame to the branch that they don't know why the free pizza was never sent. I called up the branch again and this time they passed the blame to the call center and they said that it should have been indicated in the order given to them that there is a free pizza. I got so pissed off I talked to the manager and why he became the manager I have no idea why. Shakey's must have very low standards in getting people for their company. He just blamed the call center again and said sorry then put down the phone. I called up again the call center to voice out my anger as well and when I paused for awhile, the agent said "thank you for calling". I really got mad and said, "did i say goodbye already?" and he just said that he assumed i was going to put down the phone. I wanted to vent more but I was very late for an appointment just for waiting for the pizza to arrive. What a very lousy and rude service. I've had some bad experience with other food joints but yours take the cake. I will always get to talk to someone who will try to make the situation better. Only with your company did I receive such disgraceful attitude from all your staff. This section is not for suggestions and advice, its simply for complaints because trust me with the way things are handled, you'll be having your hands full. And to think I have been a good customer all these years. And now after writing this letter to be sent out to their online feedback, ho and behold it says that the page has been transferred. Probably because it came flooding with all the complains against them it was just a façade to make you feel that you’re being heard.

9 years ago


Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 12:00AM - 12:00MN
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