Shawarma Snack Center/ SSC

Shawarma Snack Center/ SSC Malate

485 Salas St Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 523-0695
Shawarma Snack Center/ SSC 2.5 5 3 0
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My Eating Experiences


Since I am a "suki" there, especially at night, I do not usually get the local-foreigner treatment as much, though I still kinda feel it. Service quality is always a mystery because there a times they can serve super fast, sometimes slow as hell! A few a actually friendly since they already know me there. The rest just look like they are not enjoying their work.

Food is really good especially the Shawarma! The Special simply means a bigger Shawarma. Tahina sauce is excellent! Good place to pass by for a quick bite. If you want to dine in, they have good Hummus/Hummous (chickpeas/garbanzos) and ShawaRice. The ShawaRice is P100+ but I find it worth it because the serving is huge. Lots of beef/chicken (your choice), rice (the nice kind), and vegetables!

Their menu is extremely unimpressive. Bad photo shots (some items in the photos are missing when served) and awful layout! And the lamination material is already coming off, as in sooo bad..

My tip: Shawarma Snack Center (SSC) is 2 parts, the small one and the big one. Each part is facing one another across the street (Salas). The small, simple one is the place to be cuz they also have aircon. do not go to the big one cuz they do not even serve house water. Fruit Shake servings are a rip-off in quantity and quality. So far, I am positive their mango and watermelon shakes downright suck. :P Not a place to date.

Summary: Good food, particularly the Shawarma, and yes, the Hummus/Hummous too! Just buy either/both, and go on your way! ;)

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Service is just awful, but food is okay


If you plan to eat shawarma only, don't bother to dine in because they will charge you 10% service charge (which, experience has taught me and a friend of mine, that if you're not a foreigner or a tourist, the service crew won't pay much attention to you because you've paid the "tip" already) automatically. Take it out instead.
Worth trying: shawarma with tahina instead of garlic dressing.
Also, the menu is a collection of thumbnail photos of each food with the name under it. Some items are NOT part of the actual food that will be served. For example, we ordered felafel, a dish of deep-fried balls of chickpea mash - which appears to include a side of vegetables on the menu. When the food arrived, there were no veggies so we asked where they were. The waitress blandly said "Wala pong kasama" ("It's not included") and swiftly left audible range (as if avoiding further queries), even though the photo on the menu definitely shows veggies included. We didn't argue.
Lastly, the servers had such a hard time describing what the foods were. So guys, do your homework before you decide to visit Shawarma Snack Center, just to be sure you'll get your money's worth.

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Middle Eastern Casual Dining , Food Stall
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 12:00AM - 12:00MN
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