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wrote a review for Kitaro Sushi Waltermart Makati

first time here


I ordered the gyoza value meal and was satisfied with the food.

the bottomless red ice tea was surprisingly better than any other 'japanese' restaurant i had tried.

it had the tokyo-tokyo ambiance and the service was fast considering that the restaurant was half-full.

10 years ago


wrote a review for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Greenbelt 3



mga n times na ata ako nakakaen dito. it never fails to satisfy me.

if mahilig ka kumaen ng hipon, this is one of the places to go to. although lagi akong bondat after eating here -- maybe because of the bottomless drinks.

foods to try:
Shrimper's Heaven (good for 3)

foods to avoid:
Popcorn Shrimp -- lugi, madaming popcorn

10 years ago


wrote a review for Teriyaki Boy Robinsons Place Manila

I was having a good day...


I ordered the teriyaki boy chicken and california maki and it took around 40 minutes before my food was served -- and there was only one other customer in the resto.

however, the chicken tasted good (as expected) and the maki even better.

the ambiance was nice too. they were playing popular music, rnb compilation i think. and it was not too loud.

I paid around 400++, but left the resto satisfied.

i don't know, maybe i was just having a good day that day.

note: the waiter was even kind enough to accomodate my request for extra chicken sauce.

10 years ago