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sterling lim

wrote a review for Aubergine's Restaurants and Patisserie Fort Bonifacio

Something wrong with the chef's tastebuds?


For some reason, the lamb dish and the spaghetti we ordered were too salty. I wish I had eaten instead at the Japanese restaurant beside this pretentious place.

9 years ago

sterling lim

wrote a review for Misato Metrowalk



I'm surprised this restaurant has only 1 review. My family and I come here once in a while. We like their salmon, tofu,& rice bowls, but I do believe their ebi tempura is one of the best in the city.

9 years ago

sterling lim

wrote a review for Mr. Kurosawa Eastwood Mall



My husband and I & our 2 teenaged kids tried out this place on a Sunday night. The place was full, and we were given a table outside. But mosquitos started attacking our bare arms & legs, so we requested a table inside.
The kids found the decor very interesting, especially on the ceiling.
We ordered sushi rolls, japanese carbonara, pizza, sukiyaki, & ebi tempura. The sukiyaki was too sweet, the carbonara too creamy. About the sushi and tempura, we've had better. But the pizza was perfection- the crust thin & crispy & the toppings were excellent.
Our consensus? The kids think it's a cool place for a date, to have a pizza & a drink. But as a family, we're not going back.

9 years ago