Sunrise Buckets

Sunrise Buckets Madison Square

Unit 1 Madison Square, Madison St Greenhills, San Juan Metro Manila Philippines (02) 477-4411
Sunrise Buckets 3.25 5 9 0
pamela gutierrez

pamela gutierrez craved

rootbeer float! <3

6 years ago

Sean Tee

Sean Tee craved for Hefty Fries

7 years ago


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Chicken Wing Fever at Sunrise Buckets


On our first visit, we had the Jack Daniels Wings just for fun. The chicken was cooked just right as for the Jack Daniels flavor? It wasn't really there.

Why we keep coming back here is for their Wednesday Wings promo (2 1/2 lbs for 499). But as weeks went by, the chicken pieces were becoming less and less. When we informed our server about it, they explained that the orders were weighed and not per piece.

Food Stars Favs: Sunrise Original & Hickory Wings with Wild Rice. Can you say YUM?

more here:
'Til our next Good Eat!

8 years ago


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Sunrise Buckets' is the Best!


The lowly wing will always have a special place in my heart. The high meat to skin ratio and the way it goes so well with beer will always make it my favorite chicken part. Buffalo wings take my wing obsession to the next level and the best wings I have tried were from Sunrise Buckets! The honey jalapeno is simply divine! It is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy and savory! I loved it so much than when I saw that was offering discount vouchers, I bought a whole lot to last me a couple of months! I never got tired of Sunrise Buckets’ wings! Barbecue Wings and Jack Daniels is perfection!

8 years ago


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looked forword to eatting here for a week


Upon checking myself in on a social networking site and heading into the resto I was all smiles and greated with an even bigger smile then my own, I was amazed by the set up and decor of this wing house. Then menu big and bright so I could not miss anything they had to offer. I looked over the menu a few differnt time and ordered classic" buffalo wings" hot! Also canadian poutine, water and sprite. I got my order fast and looked amazing. Then I took my first bite! The sauce amazing! The wing waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over cooked to the point it was like eatting chicken chips! , I then figured it was just a fluke so I set them aside and re ordered another batch. Same thing again! I also have to say a buffalo wing is big! Not small how can you say your resto was inspired by being in auz, cdn and the u.s if you can't get the main ingrediant right? The poutine! Fries were great abd big. Gravey amazing however the cheese that's from] bottle make it a total turn off. This is simply not how its made you cannot call it poutine and use fake cheese! My overall feel for the place was just ok, but ill admit I was very let down. Small and Cold wings, fake cheese . Ill take another visit in a few months to see if things changed but as it stands forginers stay away. Bugseys or wing king is a better choice. Also the staff does not tell you wed is 499 for 2lbs wings, I found this out from the bathroom wall after I ordered! And when I looked around I only seen one other sign for this is the right hand corner.

8 years ago


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nice location, great ambiance, yummy buffalo chicken wings..with wifi and outlets too..the staffs are accommodating..they don't discriminate the food serving and the customers using metrodeal vouchers..great!

8 years ago


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It just looks mouthwatering but it's NOT!

8 years ago


American Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
  • T, W, Th, F, Sa: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
  • Su: 7:00AM - 10:00PM
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