Sweet Bella

Sweet Bella Burgos Circle

Burgos Circle Rizal Dr Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 844-8244
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maandoe had crab cakes with rice and lamb riblets


great food! love coming back to Sweet Bella!

5 years ago

sheryll bejar

sheryll bejar had Blueberry Pancake

love it, size of their solo is big enough for 2, it has some hint of cheese;)

6 years ago


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sweet bella let us down

the first time we dined at sweet bella was last year it was the birthday of my daughter. It was such a fantabulous dinner from the food to the service to the ambiance muy Perfecto! From then i always recommend this place to my relatives and friends. Last April 30 was my BFF's bday and she bought 2 vouchers of sweet bella. We decided to use the vouchers on May7. It was a rainy night downpour it is cats and dogs u can even include the birdds and bees. we had a hard time getting a taxi ride going to burgos Circle. we arrived at sweet bella around 7:30pm. It is a small place and it was packed. We entered the place asked if we can be seated, the owner was there Christina Rivera, she asked if we have a reservation it so happened that my BFF didnt made a reservation at all thinking that since it is a monday we wont have a hard time finding a table. Christina asked if we were using voucher and i said yes. The moment i said yes her face completely changed from smiling and welcoming to "simangot face" We were ignored for a while then i asked if we can just dine outside. The waiter said yes and after waiting for 15mins our table was prepared for us. Order time: we ordered 3 kinds of pasta Spaghetti amaticiana shrimp and asparagus carbonara and Spaghetti Seafood Aglio olio 1 rustica pizza and mango tier for dessert. the carbonara arrived after 20 mins. after finishing the carbonara the waiter came back and said theres no more pizza so changed it to a philly steak sandwich then after 10 mins she came back again telling us that they dont have sandwiches anymore. so we changed it to salpicao with rice. it came after another 15mins. Then after 10 mins the waiter came back again telling us that no more seafood for the amatricianna only ingredients left is chicken so we settled for the chicken. while waiting for the amatricianna a girl came and ordered a cafe monster burger and a pasta with seafood for take out. after 30 mins her order came out. i was really disappointed they told no more ingredients for ANY SANDWICHES AND SEAFOOD PASTA. but when a customer not using a voucher came they served it. IT WAS REALLY A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT !!!! if they are not too happy or keen in serving the food for people using VOUCHERS then they should not have offered the vouchers in the first place.... I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO SWEET BELLA ANYMORE AND I WILL TELL MY EXPERIENCE TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES AND BLOG THIS TO ALL BLOG SITES. when before i always recommend this place NOW I TELL THEM NOT TO COME TO THIS PLACE ANYMORE !!!!

7 years ago


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Laduree in Manila?


There's something about Laduree Patisserie that makes a striking message about how french macarons should be made. With that statement said, there is no Laduree in Manila. While many bake shops have attempted - and that's the right word - attempted - to make a great french macaron, only Sweet Bella has got it right. A bit pricey for the average macaron, but it's definitely worth the price. And if you've got the extra cash to splurge, get their cakes. They're worth every bite.

Lunch and Dinner is served in small servings - perhaps so that you still have room for TWG tea and their divine desserts...after all, it's not called Sweet Bella for nothing.

7 years ago


Pastry Shop
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, Su: 10:00AM - 12:00MN
  • F, Sa: 7:00AM - 2:00AM
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