Tao Yuan Restaurant

Tao Yuan Restaurant Malate

508-512 General Malvar St. cor A. Mabini St. Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 522-7009 to 10
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Where's the Ox Tongue???!!!


My friends and I decided to try Tao Yuan at Lucky Chinatown Mall. There were others that we wanted to try, but we ended up with this one, since we enjoyed their shabu-shabu in Mabini.

Per recommendation of the "order-taker", we decided on Mixed Mushrooms with Ox Tongue in X.O. Sauce and Beef Brisket.

When our Mixed Mushrooms dish came, we saw there were a lot of thinly-sliced beef together with the mushrooms. Nowhere in the menu mentioned beef. We looked at each other and said "Where's the ox tongue?" We started to eat mixed mushrooms dish, but after several spoonfuls of it, we weren't able to taste any of the, supposedly, Ox Tongue in our order... just beef and mushrooms.

We asked the order-taker to "point" or tell us which of the ingredients is the ox tongue. He went to call someone else. After about more than 5 minutes, a tall guy came, who we think is the chef, used the fork and pulled out what we say is one of the mushrooms. He said that THAT is the ox tongue. We told him that we know the texture of ox tongue is and how tasted like. And we told him, it's neither. We told him it's more like bamboo shoot or mushroom that's a little "crispy". He went away. And after another 5 minutes, an elderly lady came to us. Here's her explanation:

"This is the ox tongue. It's because it's thinly-sliced that the ox tongue is a little "crispy".... Say whaaaat????

We told her that we've tasted ox tongue before, and we love ox tongue. Never had we tried "crispy" ox tongue. We told her the texture is more like mushroom or bamboo shoot. It was smooth, and no "lines" were on it. She again repeated her explanation. We shook our heads, not looking at her, and said "ok". She walked away.

Can somebody tell me if ox tongue can be crispy, especially if it's sliced thinly? And should ox tongue be smooth?

I'm not sure if my friends and I are going back to Tao Yuan because of this kind of service. =(

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Review for Tao Yuan Restaurant


We got here immediately before closing on a Saturday night. The staff was very accommodating and welcomed us even though we were literally a few minutes before closing. In fact, we were the only clients left in the whole restaurant. Food was great. Best Hainanese Chicken in Metro Manila to date. While some of the items in the menu were already unavailable, the replacement shrimp dish more than made up for it. Great place for a family dinner.

7 years ago


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Worth the trip


Love the hainanese chicken. Love the boiled peanuts. Love the bread. Love the Chili Crabs.

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thumbs up!


great Hainanese chicken, and the bak kuh teh was really something! we also had the sea mantis, a lot of shellfish, the fried mango lapu, beef hofan ..... all great and of course the free dessert was a nice bonus!

bathrooms were spotless!

please show the entire menu and not sets please

8 years ago


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Wonderful Cuisine


Great food!!! The cuisine is Singaporean influenced so they are quite different from the other Chinese restaurants in town. They have wonderful Laksa, Drunken Shrimps, crabs and pigeon. Their crispy fried lapu-lapu with mango sauce is a must try.

the Hainanese chicken is definitely the best in town, beating even the original Singaporean counterparts. Pretty good value for money considering the quality of the food.

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BEST Hainnese Chicken in Manila


Best Haiannese chicken in Manila. Best paired with their chicken rice. Cereal prawns are good too.
They give free dessert and dont forget to ask for the 10% discount when getting the bill.
They also have several dishes for vegetarians -upon request.

8 years ago


Chinese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:30AM - 10:30PM
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