The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe Roces Avenue

G/F Korben Place, 91 A. Roces Ave. cor Sct. Tobias Laging Handa, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 412-7876
The Chocolate Kiss Cafe 3.2 5 5 1
Emcy Gentizon

Emcy Gentizon had Beef Lasagna


great tasting Lasagna I ever had

2 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review

Not great, but not bad.


Reading reviews and being recommended by friends, I was looking forward to eating here. I wanted to eat at the UP branch, but it was too traffic and decided to give the Roces branch a shot. It may have been a mistake.

From what I've been reading, what adds to the food is the old setting of the original Chocolate Kiss... it's ambiance and scenery. The one in Roces was soul-less. I think the owners just wanted to feed off the success of the first one and open one thinking they can replicate what they have in UP.

The Roces branch had no character. As hard as they tried, it wasn't charming... it just didn't feel right. You'll know what I mean if you go there.

On to the Food.

I ordered Putanesca, and my date ordered Salpicao. The putanesca was decent. It's not the best I've tasted, but certainly not the worse. It's average... one of those dishes I won't order again. The Salpicao was surrounded by a mound of rice. Again, it wasn't great... I've had better at many others.

For dessert, we had the Devil's Cake... it looked great, but it was on the dry side. The icing was pretty good though.

Overall this place was very average. It was cheap, but you pretty much get what you pay for. I want to try to visit the original branch next time and see if there's a difference. The Roces branch just didn't do it for me.

5 years ago


wrote a review

Very good date walnut cake


Went to Chocolate Kiss Cafe on August 28, 2009. We read some reviews and my daughter wanted to try their ribs. I ordered the lumpiang ubod but they didn't have it so just got bruschetta style appetizer. We ordered French Onion soup and mushroom soup. The French Onion tasted a little bit burned NOt caramelized. The mushroom soup was just ok. My other daughter ordered a mushroon sandwich which was nothing spectacular. But the ribs that my youngest daughter ordered made her sick. She vomitted and was really sick in the bathroom the whole night. I think it was done too fast that it might not have been too cooked. I ordered the date walnut cake. Perfect! It cost 770+ for the 3 of us.

6 years ago


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dessert rather than meal


a small very cozy place for meals n sweet things. i've eaten here several times and often with a group. which gave me the opportunity to take a bite out of other dishes. the food is actually good, although the portions may leave someone with a healthier appetite wanting for more. but, after several visits, i had the weird feeling that most of the dishes taste too much the same or is it perhaps i ate there too often. the sans rival is good, so are the cakes. this is the kind of place that you'd go to for dessert or coffee. i recommend the pastries over the meals.

7 years ago


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have your cake and eat it, too!


i went to this cafe along roces ave., qc after noticing a week earlier how many people were dining there during merienda hours (3pm onwards).

so i went there to have coffee and cake... and i gotta say WOW! what a wonderful 2x discovery! this is just tiny cafe with a very home-grown artsy feel. there are a lot of local artists' artwork on the walls, they use black plastic chairs for seats but were thoughtful enough to put cushions on all of them. waiters were very friendly, good at suggesting menu items, excellent service.

coffee - i am a coffee lover and i was very pleased with their coffee. it was aromatic, slightly dark but delicious (i was a little bit worried at first). and tried out the following cakes: blueberry cheesecake, carrot cake, devil's food cake & sour cream cheesecake (some were for take out hehe! i didn't eat them all in one go).

ALL ARE VERY GOOD! i am not kidding you, this place serves the best cakes in town. their cheesecakes are baked, which i love. their cakes are dense, flavorful, not too sweet. the icing on the carrot cake was perfect buttery smoothness. there was just enough icing to compliment the moist carrot cake.

the devil's food cake is chocolate cake with fudgy filling generously lathered with white frosted icing peaks. it is not the best chocolate cake i've had but i was definitely good! but i'd order the blueberry cheesecake or carrot cake over this one.

to top it all off, you get bang for your buck. for about 10 generous slices of cake and 2 coffees, i spent only P700. in other cafes, 1 small slice of cake is more than P100. here, the cake slices are NOT small, they are all great for sharing.

i highly recommend this cafe for desserts or coffee time. also a great place to buy cakes for special occasions or just because.

i'm so happy to have stumbled into the chocolate kiss cafe! this is a place where you can have your cake and eat it, too! (literally & figuratively!)

8 years ago


International Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 11:00AM - 10:00PM
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