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The Manila Catering Services Quezon City

23 Fr Martinez St Obrero, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines (02) 376-6209

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Inihaw Nation 3 5 15 0

wrote a review for Inihaw Nation Quezon City

In the mood for herb-flavored barbecue


Known for its barbecue, it serves all kinds of grilled staples, from chicken to liempo (check my website to see pictures

My friends recommended the Herb Barbecue (P40 single, P50 with rice), which turned out to be the best-tasting in the bunch (love the seasoning). And the meat! Oh it was tender. Really good for a P50 meal.

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8 years ago


wrote a review for Nomama Artisanal Ramen Quezon City

Not worth the price


The ambiance feels like kitchen and ironically has cold feeling. Price is very expensive, taste is ok but not worth the price. I do not recommend this place.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Green Coffee Tomas Morato

A Better Alternative


The Green Coffee was recommended to me by a friend who recently went on a trip to Davao. She insisted that we visit their newly opened branch in Tomas Morato. The rest is history, the staff is nice and accomodating (they even know me by name now). The ambiance is relaxed, perfect for reading, surfing the web (free wifi yey) and talking nonstop with friends. I make it a point to visit every week to get my caffeine fix. I recommend their milk tea with fine salt and cheese, green tea with fine salt and cheese, java chip freezicinno, green tea freezicinno.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Kamayan West Avenue



I had celebrated my son's christening here at Kamayan west avenue last April 29, 2012. Ms. Doris (reservation officer) was accommodating and very nice. She always coordinates me with details.
Their amenities for baptismal are just fine. They decorated 2 pieces balloons on every table for the function room, 6 butterfly shaped on streamer. I chose the cake rather than having a personalized streamer. Their waiters are well-groomed and very coordinating with their guests. The function room was quite narrow for me. Great ambiance because it is newly renovated with modern touch of interior design. Great tasting foods. Many changes on food limitation. Before, we can get cakes and ice cream, now, there is a charge already( a slice of cake would cost you 100 each). I didn't taste all their dishes before of unavailability of some. For desserts, there are leche flan, halohalo, gelatin, buko pandan and assorted fruits. I just find their arrangement quite a chaos(hahaha), because there's no specific labels what are the foods should we get, although, waiter's instruction is there, it's just that it's quite confusing sometimes.

8 years ago

B Williams

wrote a review for Burger King E. Rodriguez



For some reason Burger King thinks they are too good to deliver to Eastwood City.

8 years ago

Annalisa mariano

wrote a review for Makisushi Japanese Restaurant Panay Avenue

affordable yet not so authentic


california maki really sucked, rice was sticking together and looked more like suman than maki.. ingredients werent authentic and teppanyaki and tofu steak had the same overly sweet sauce.. its ok if youre really hungry but to those whove experienced really great japanese food, you will be severely disappointed

8 years ago


wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

EXCELLENT food, service and place


Weekdays cost 380 per head. Weekend costs 480 pesos per head. You can also have beer and liquor all you can and pulutan all you can. Before anything else, you have to make reservations before going there because the place is always full of people. No tables and chairs were empty.

The food is VERY VERY GOOD.
It was really a BLAST. Every single food is great specially the US Angus beef, the lechon, actually all the food served were really great. If people here are health conscious, you better not eat here just eat in a vegetarian place so that you will not whine about the fat (it's so irritating for you to comment that the food were fatty etc.) but if you really want to enjoy food which is very tasty, you better try here.

The waiters and people are friendly and very hospitable. I asked for a new set of utensils, and within seconds i had new ones. No waiter was eating from the buffet. The people wearing barong were the real waiters. Those in white were HRM students having their OJT there so maybe what these people saw before were the students munching.

One of the BEST restaurants I have tried. I will go definitely again here. Four stars for me.

8 years ago

FoodMama Payatna

wrote a review for Melo's South Triangle

Won't Ever Dine Here Again


We had heard that Melo's was a steak place so when a local groupon voucher was offered, my husband availed of enough for 4--he and I plus my parents. We made reservations and looked forward to a meal that was touted as surf and turf. The Quezon City venue is quite nice, with wooden walls instead of cement, and the tables looked dressy with their white clothes. Immediately, the waiter informed us that the deal was for a couple to share a fish entree and a beef entree, not fish and steak on the same plate. We could hardly believe this as the voucher stated that each diner would have an appetizer, soup, salad and surf and turf. The manager came over to apologetically say that this was not the intention of the voucher or Melo's. Since we were already there, we decided to proceed with the meal. Our disappointment increased as the food was served. The portions were comically small. The chicken pate in a tiny dish (the kind used to put soy sauce and calamansi in) was supposed to suffice for 4 adults. The salads were so scarce that it looked like one serving had been divided among all of us. Finally the entrees came. The beef, advertised as Angus, was a paper-thin strip. The fish entrees were a bit better but just not the quality one would expect from an establishment that is supposedly of good quality. A good steak, especially Angus beef, should be at least half an inch (ideally 3/4") thick. Then the cooking doneness can be properly tailored to the diner's request.
My halibut was actually pretty good--the skin was light and crisp and the flesh cooked through but still moist. All the cut vegetables served with our main dishes were drowning in butter or margarine, though.
In the end, we all agreed that if felt as if the Melo's management resented giving us a good meal. We were P3000 poorer and much wiser. It's too bad dining establishments don't look at these group vouchers as a way of marketing their food and service!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Chicken Charlie Panay



I find the location convenient, it's just near entrance of Timog Ave. if coming from Quezon Ave.
What I like about their chicken: it's the juicy and tasty meat as well as its saucy batter. No need for any sauce.
Also their cheesestick dynamite is cheesy but not too hot. Perfect!
Reviewing about the branch: the staff are welcoming and helpful. Orders are just right in time as well.
Will go back here (and other branches) again

8 years ago


wrote a review for Asya Centris Walk

Disappointing Easter Lunch


We just had our lunch at this restaurant, and I can say that it is by far the worst restaurant I've eaten in. Why?

We ordered their Salu-Salu meals for 4 and a separate lumpiang ubod.

1. Lumpiang Ubod came after 15 minutes, and for the price of Php260 exclusive of SC, I can say that the lumpiang ubod from Goldilocks is waaaaay better.

2. After 10 minutes came the Bulalo, which was super salty. We asked for more soup to balance the taste, but, lo and behold, extra soup costs Php50 more! This was the first time I encountered a restaurant that charges extra for Beef stock!

3. Then 7 minutes later, came the Chicken Pork Adobo with Turmeric. There was no Pork mean, just big chunks of Pork fat.

4. After 5 minutes more, came the rice! This was their saving grace, their Jasmine Rice was good.

5. When we were all almost done eating, we realized that we were missing one order, the Chicken Skin Sisig. We asked for it and 15 minutes later, the server came up to me and explained that they gave the sisig to another table. SHE DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE! She just said that we should wait 5-10 minutes more because while the kitchen prepares the dish.

6. The sisig which was supposed to be the appetizer, came when we were all done. We had no choice but to have it on take-out.

7. To top it all of, their iced tea was super sweet, leche flan- made out of gelatin and their AC was not working properly.

For the price that they put on their food, we were expecting so much more.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Zensho Tomas Morato

Food okay, service bad!


we drove around to find an open japanese restaurant to satisfy our craving for japanese food. Zensho was open so we decided to eat here. Eat all you can was our choice. First half was okay but when we started to order our second round it took so long, our appettite to eat was already gone. The waiter and waitresses are not friendly at all! We ordered the second serving and a softdrink from a waiter. The cola took 15 mins to arrive, the ice was already melted so obviously it was sitting at the counter for a long time. We followed up our orders after 20 mins of waiting , it turned out it was not yet cooked cause they haven't place the order! A waitress was standing at the door beside an aircon, we were waving our hands off and when she saw us she was pissed off turns out she was enjoying her "muni muni" moment and was irritated that she had to attend to us. The chefs at the cooking platform were much more friendly and kind enough to follow up our drinks and serve it to us. Even though the food is okay, next time we would have second thoughts in dining here becasue of the bad service!

You know whats worse?
We asked to speak to the manager, and the waiter told us that the manager is asking that we approach her instead! Wtf!

8 years ago

Camille Abigail

wrote a review for Nomnomnom Happy Food Tomas Morato

satified cravings


Critique: Nomnom Happy Food
Cuisine: Italian and Filipino fusion
Hours: 12:00 noon- 12:00 am
Location: LG/F GYY Building Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 502-2919
Lightings- Wight and Orange lighting since we went at Night time
Music- No music
Air conditioner- They have their own could not tell were exactly it is located
Chairs-Light brown wooden material that is in a bench
Tables-Light brown wooden rectangular in shape
Walls- There is one wall where there are pictures of people are eating in this restaurant mostly celebrities.
Floors- A darker shade than the chairs and table still it is also wood
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Naughty Lemonade” P70.00 this drink does not feel that it is strong until you one too many so please be cautious, but beyond this it is pretty damn good.
Entrée- “Talong and Lasting Love Pizza” P220.00 Who knew that without meat on pizza is still good, since eggplant, cheese, and sauce that is made by Nomnom Happy food this really good.
Dessert- “Not Fudge Peppermint Cake” P110.00 to be honest not my favorite dessert since mint and chocolate together are not the combination that I prefer. But this one is an exception it really is good.
Class B-C of students, businessmen, family of class B mostly, less of C, and clothing were business and casual.
Men and women white button polo with black pants.

Waiters- He is very welcoming but there is no name tag on him, but he really made up for is knowledge on the menus since it was my first time eating there. Service is not bad also since he actually helped us on what to choose when it comes to recommending drinks that suit me which I find impressive.
It was in a laminated designed like one long rectangular panel for us to see. It had description and pictures of their specialty; lastly it had the logo of the restaurant.
Yes, it is worth to stay in this restaurant; however, I would probably spend this every four weeks because of my budget and the distance of this place as well. But as long as you are leaving around this area then by all means no problem here.

8 years ago

Dolly Cruz

wrote a review for The Red Swan Grill and Barbeque Quezon City


Ang babastos ng mga tao nyo. Gumagamit kayo ng mga deal sites para i-market yang product nyo at kung di nyo naman pala gusto mag-allot ng para sa mga deals na yan e di wag na kayong sumasali. Twice tayo nag-usap kahapon, yang matandang babae na tao nyo nakaka-imbyerna ang mga sagot, anong pinagsasabi mong baka hindi ako nagpa-reserve, bakit hindi ba pwedeng stupido lang kayo kaya hindi nyo sinulat ang pangalan ko pati yang 6 na voucher's number na kinuha ko? At sasabihin mo pang "tinapay lang yan"? Pwes, tama kayo, tinapay LANG yan, walang espesyal, walang reason para balikan. Dapat sa inyo hindi nagnenegosyo kung hindi nyo alam kung ano ibig sabihin ng customer service.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Papparoni's Gourmet Pizza, Pasta and More Quezon City


I had my research done for this restaurant before I've decided to purchase vouchers from GROUPON. I thought to give this restaurant a try since their photos and menu are promising. I called them for a reservation ( since it is required for GROUPON). On the day of my reservation ( March 3,around 1pm), I was surprised to see a CLOSED sign on their doorstep, an employee approached and told me that they will open by 4pm since they have insufficient resources due to large number of customers they had the night before. THEY SHOULD HAVE INFORMED THOSE WHO RESERVED FOR LUNCH ON THAT DAY. Sabi nga ni Christopher Lao, "People should have been informed". My time and gas were wasted! Sayang, I was looking forward pa naman to try their margerita pizza. Oh well, sinalo ng sbarro ang craving ko for pasta and pizza for that day.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Hungry Cow IL Terrazo Mall

cake shake?


their tiramisu cake shake is just heaven its so creamy, and i literally got full and its just 80 for a creamy shake. also got to try their mexican sausage shake it was great not your average hotdog sandwich

8 years ago


Asian , Continental , Filipino , Japanese , Spanish Casual Dining , Other
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
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