Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu

Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu Greenbelt 3

2/F Greenbelt 3, Legaspi St Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 729-8640 to 41
Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu 2.25 5 8 1

karotjuice had U.S. Kobe Gold Rib-Eye


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Feel good dinner


For the review, kindly refer to this link: :)

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Bad Service


Ate lunch at Thousand Cranes Aug 24 with some officemates.. it was my first time here, having already tried the other shabu-shabu restos. Agree with a former customer who posted a year ago that the service was not that good. The waiters weren't smiling, then they made a mistake with the tea -- served cold instead of hot! The food was okay, they all taste the same anyway.

I would also like to call the attention of the owner of Thousand Cranes in Alabang. (We should've eaten at Healthy Shabu-Shabu at ATC instead) We wanted to try shabu shabu again, this time in the south. We were there at 10:50am, 10 mins before opening (per their sign, the resto opened at 11am). At 11am, the resto was still not opened! The manager (or whoever he was) noticed that we were waiting and let us in, but said that he still had to brief his staff. So we agreed, not knowing that we would not be served at all. We waited for 10 mins and no service yet (briefing was not yet finished also). My husband asked one of the waiters what time they opened and he meekly said 11:30am. WTF! We angrily left and told them to change their sign. They shouldn't have let us in if they were not ready to serve us! If you were a restaurant, would you ask your customers to wait?How unprofessional!!!

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Doomed to Fail


We loveD thousand cranes greenbelt 3. We love shabu shabu and we eat here a lot. This year we noticed how much this restaurant deteriorated. From attentive and accommodating waiters, they now have rude, snobs and indifferent waiters (to their filipino guests and quite the opposite to the foreign ones.) They also now have cockroaches everywhere.

We dined here last night and we were very very disappointed. I actually texted their "suggestions and feedback" number and didn't get any reply. Not even "Noted".

It's just so sad that last night was the last time we will ever dine here.

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Just Wondering


Just ate there this Sunday evening, around 8 PM. I am wondering if the restaurant or waiters give special treatment to foreign guest instead to locals. Before entering the restaurant with my family, I asked if we could be seated near the window. The male usher/waiter said you may. So we entered the door and went to the table. But, even before sitting down, the same waiter said if we could be transferred since that area was still undergoing observation due to some leaks from the ceiling. So we moved. But to my surprise, in less than 5 minutes a foreign woman with her two sons was allowed by the same waiter to sit down at that table. I was observing the ceiling and there was no leak of any sort. That waiter was not being honest and I believe he was giving special treatment to foreigners and not to Filipinos.
If he said that we could not use that window table in the first place, we would not have gone in.

So, is there a leak in your ceiling or in your waiters?!


The food was okay.
The other other waiters were okay.

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nice service


tasty food

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I Eat Out Because I Don't Cook


. . . which is why it doesn't make sense for me to eat at any shabu-shabu place. Somehow I keep getting roped into going to these restaurants where I have to boil my own food, and my meal invariably ends up being tasteless, soggy and a big mess. On top of that, I smell like shabu-shabu for the rest of the day!

But as shabu shabu restaurants go, Thousand Cranes is pretty decent. The beef set at least looked good before I started cooking. There were a lot of waiters and waitresses around to help, and the stoves were easy to control. Maybe if I knew how to cook, this would be a place worth going to.

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Aga Ecat

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Shabu-shabu on a cold and wet Sunday ...


Venue and Ambiance
Ventillation not efficient, too smokey. After a few minutes inside you can already feel the grease all over your skin and clothes. However, the flavorful smoke made me salivate even more.

Pork belly yakiniku was very flavorful. Overcook it a little and its a high-end bacon strips. The shabu-shabu set for two wasn't too shabby but the sliced beef was rather disappointing. We had to "yakiniku" it to add some taste.

Waiters were polite but aren't always on their toes. I asked for soup to top up my pot and it came out just when my food already started sticking to the bottom.

I paid about P600 per person.

It hit the spot for me especially on a cold, pouring, flooded day.

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Japanese Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 10:30PM
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