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wrote a review for D' Little Gyoza House Quezon City

A hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant in QC!


D' Little Gyoza House's location is very intriguing because it's the only restaurant in that particular area. It aroused my interest and curiosity on why a restaurant will pick such a location --- either it's really good that people will not mind it's off the beaten track location or the owner is a total loony for choosing such a location. So to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to drop by and see what's up with this restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is very nice and cozy. It makes one feel comfortable and totally at home. It has this certain vibe of making one feel welcome! The menu is quite simple and beautifully presented. They, of course, have different kinds of gyoza (which is their specialty), chahan (Japanese fried rice), ramen, tempura, side dishes, rice toppings and desserts, among others. I ordered original, shrimp and spinach gyoza plus chahan and tempura. My verdict ---- it's really very good! In fact, it's the best gyoza in the metro, if not in the country! Now I know why the owners were not afraid to pick such an out of the way location. They really have something to brag about!
In my honest opinion, it's a place where you would want to keep coming back to because the food is really good. And lest I forget, the price is quite reasonable (if not cheap) for its quality and quantity. It really is a hidden gem in Quezon City!

They also have a facebook fan page which I find quite hip and cool :)

7 years ago