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wrote a review for Primero Casa Filipino Quezon City

EXCELLENT food, service and place


Weekdays cost 380 per head. Weekend costs 480 pesos per head. You can also have beer and liquor all you can and pulutan all you can. Before anything else, you have to make reservations before going there because the place is always full of people. No tables and chairs were empty.

The food is VERY VERY GOOD.
It was really a BLAST. Every single food is great specially the US Angus beef, the lechon, actually all the food served were really great. If people here are health conscious, you better not eat here just eat in a vegetarian place so that you will not whine about the fat (it's so irritating for you to comment that the food were fatty etc.) but if you really want to enjoy food which is very tasty, you better try here.

The waiters and people are friendly and very hospitable. I asked for a new set of utensils, and within seconds i had new ones. No waiter was eating from the buffet. The people wearing barong were the real waiters. Those in white were HRM students having their OJT there so maybe what these people saw before were the students munching.

One of the BEST restaurants I have tried. I will go definitely again here. Four stars for me.

7 years ago