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4/F SM Megamall-Bldg A, Doña Julia Vargas Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 631-3637
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What's with the Beef?


This is a continuation of my first review. After that weeknight dinner with my basketball buddy my wife and I had a go during Sunday lunch. So I was at this place twice over a four-day span.

Much to my surprise - and consternation - the sliced American beef my buddy and I loved suddenly became a separate item priced separately from the buffet, for the stickup price of P120 per 100 grams, effectively P1,200 per kilo. No one gave us any explanation why this was so when this same meat was part of the all-in buffet price of P585 just a couple of days back.

Anyway, the wife and I decided we'd gorge on the other items, specifically the shrimp, lapulapu fillets, lobster balls, fish cake, broccoli leaves, clams and other seafood items. I also filled up on the beer again, topping off with more than I had over our last dinner.

It truly sucked that they suddenly went all Nazi with the beef though, and I certainly hope this is not a permanent condition. I found it equally stupid that even the pork belly strips were included in the separate pricing / ordering.

This really plunged the value-for-money equation for me for this joint.

6 years ago


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Worth the Price if You Eat Big


I had dinner with a good basketball buddy two weeks ago. He was picking up the tab so he picked this place. We both liked the fact that there was hotpot and a grill, and the choices were numerous and fresh.

We both loved the sliced American beef, shrimp, lapulapu fillets, clams, fish cake and lobster balls. We didn't really try any of the cooked food items. I tried the sushi and found it worse than fastfood sushi with muchy rice and really scrawny strips of fish, squid and shrimp.

We both must have had at least a half kilo each of the beef and the shrimp, and my friend had generous helpings of the various clams.

Since the buffet price included drinks I had five beers and he had about as much soda. All told that made this buffet a pretty good deal. But you need to be a big eater here, and to know which of the offerings are the top-shelf stuff. If yoiu'll focus mainly on the cooked offerings its a losing proposition.

Try the foods for cooking. They're very fresh, and the crew will help you out if you ask them.

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Chinese Casual Dining
P300 - 500
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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