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Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Antonio's Restaurant Tagaytay

Very very good!


First off, I came into this place expecting small portions... as do most 5-star restos have small servings so you can get through the multi-course meal.

The salad we ordered was excellent. Fresh greens! Lightly sauced. Delicious!

Ordered the beef fillet. Excellent :)

Had the flourless chocolate cake to finish!

Overall, the place is pricey. If you're in LA, you can go to Ramsay's at The London for pretty much the same price. But we're in the Philippines, so we'll have to settle for a lesser know, but beautiful restaurant.

Now I'm hungry. I think I'll head out there with family now. :D

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Balkan Express San Juan

Absolutely delicious!!!


I really have no way of comparing Eastern European cuisine because I'm unfamiliar with it. Basically it's like Persian food I guess. All I know is that everything I've tasted so far is excellent.

I love trying new things, and this one was a pleasant surprise. I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Sandy's Pizza San Juan

Had promise, but 2 chances is enough


My friend introduced me to Sandy's pizza a few weeks ago. I found it interesting that they used our Filipino favorites as toppings to one of my favorite foods in the planet... Pizza!

The menu isn't really loaded with choices, but that's okay. I believe in keeping the menu simple and having great food with fresh ingredients.

So here comes the pizza review...

We ordered half adobo and half garlic chorizo. First, pizza came in warm and not hot. This was fine with me since I can eat pizza cold.

Another thing I noticed is the amount of topping they used on the adobo part... it was barely thre. you can count 7-8 pieces of tiny quarter to half inch flakes of adobo. One bite of the pizza won't even get adobo in your mouth sometimes. The flavor of adobo was nice... but just the amount of it was disappointing.

Third, the dough was chewy. Nothing worse than very chewy pizza.

This was a disappointing first try, although I was excited to give them a try again because of the pretty cool concept of Filipino-Italian pizzas.

I was excited to give them a shot again since I had cousins from the states come over. Ordered half tocino and half sardines.

Again, the pizza came in warm... closer to almost being room temperature.

The bits of tocino was so disappointing. The flavor again was delicious, but the tiny bits of tocino won't do it for me. Had the same problem last time.

Third, the dough was chewy. I think it's easy for Sandy's to improve. They have a good following now and have more funds to actually concentrate on making better pizza. Sooner or later, people will figure out that their pizza is a rip off and average at best.

The upside on this is that I can make pretty decent pizza and will try adobo and tocino on my next ones.

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Cyma Eastwood Mall

Excellent! I'm a fan!


I had reservations going to CYMA, specially this branch, but those reservations went out the door as soon as we got our order. We had the Tono Salato and a lamb dish that I can't remember. (I asked the waiter for their best-selling lamb dish)

Anyway, the Tono Salato was excellent! It was fresh and flavorful. Just the right mix of sauce and select greens with seared Ahi Tuna on top. The lamb was way better than I expected. Very tasty and tender. I will definitely order these again.

Cyma is definitely a place I will keep going back to. This branch's service was fine by me. I'm very particular with service. I probably got lucky with my service because my date told me that she has heard of the horrible service at Cyma, Eastwood. I didn't listen to her. :)

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for The Chocolate Kiss Cafe Roces Avenue

Not great, but not bad.


Reading reviews and being recommended by friends, I was looking forward to eating here. I wanted to eat at the UP branch, but it was too traffic and decided to give the Roces branch a shot. It may have been a mistake.

From what I've been reading, what adds to the food is the old setting of the original Chocolate Kiss... it's ambiance and scenery. The one in Roces was soul-less. I think the owners just wanted to feed off the success of the first one and open one thinking they can replicate what they have in UP.

The Roces branch had no character. As hard as they tried, it wasn't charming... it just didn't feel right. You'll know what I mean if you go there.

On to the Food.

I ordered Putanesca, and my date ordered Salpicao. The putanesca was decent. It's not the best I've tasted, but certainly not the worse. It's average... one of those dishes I won't order again. The Salpicao was surrounded by a mound of rice. Again, it wasn't great... I've had better at many others.

For dessert, we had the Devil's Cake... it looked great, but it was on the dry side. The icing was pretty good though.

Overall this place was very average. It was cheap, but you pretty much get what you pay for. I want to try to visit the original branch next time and see if there's a difference. The Roces branch just didn't do it for me.

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for CBD Ayala Triangle Gardens

Delicious Bleu Cheese Burger!***Update.


I'm a burger fanatic, and constantly look for my burger fix. I ordered the bleu cheese burger... it was mouthwatering satisfying! :) The meat was nicely cooked. Sidings were a decent amount... you have to order fries with your burger, unless you're ok with the potato string fries that it comes with.

Don't forget the thick creamy milkshake!

The only downside is it can get a little expensive after all that order. Brothers Burger still comes to mind as a cheap alternative, but if you're in the area... definitely give this place a shot.

***Ambiance is rated to what I expect a burger joint should look like.

***UPDATE: Went back the other day... the burger was so dry. Ordered the same bleu cheese burger. I was shocked they served me and my friend burgers so dry. It tasted as if it were frozen for so long. I would have preferred a quarter pounder from McDonald's. Hopefully it's just a fluke. I'll give them another chance.

Right now, had to downgrade to 3 stars on food and value. The only thing keeping it from going down to two is that it maintained its cheesiness, but I still can't get over the dry meat.

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Ristras San Juan

The best Mexican food in Manila so far


Saying it's the best in Manila isn't saying much really. All Mexican restos and fastfood I've eaten at here in Manila have just been so horrible and unauthentic.

Ristras is somewhat close to Mexican food. Burritos are huge, unlike the super dinky ones I've seen around here.

Now for my experience:

Ristras' other problem is the service. Holy crap, they're so sloooow! The lady making my burrito can't multi-task! Everytime she would speak with her fellow employee, she would stop making my burrito and chit chat. Then when she passed on my burrito to the guy next to her, I told him to put everything on it. So what does he do? Pours sauce, and starts wrapping my burrito! I had to tell him again... so he adds cheese... then starts wrapping it again! I told him again, add cilantro, jalapenos, etc.... a little frustrating. Everything means everything!

In conclusion:
The burritos they have are for sharing. Ask them to put less rice next time. It's what makes the bulk of that burrito and is so filling, unless you like 80% rice on your burrito.

Although this place is not up to par to most, if not all Mexican foods I've tasted in LA, it's the closest to it.

I hope someone can come up with REAL Mexican food soon!

Updated 2-27-2011
Things looking up! Service improved a lot. food's the same though.

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Mister Kabab West Ave.

What happened to this place? :(


I used to go here for years! The big seller for me is the garlic yoghurt sauce on my Double Chelo Kabab. I used to always ask for extra when I order take out and take some home. You can mix it with any type of beef, and it makes it all good!

Nowadays, the sauce tastes watered down. It is not even remotely close to what it was a few years ago. (Maybe because of the change of ownership?)

Anyway, I go here for nostalgia's sake... nothing else. The keema's still pretty good, although when I got mine, it wasn't hot anymore.

I still recommend this place for anyone looking for a cheap place to eat. There are far better ones around though. The Mister Kabab monopoly on cheap delicious Persian food is gone.

***Check out my review of Shokr Kabab! A hole in the wall haven for good cheap Persian food! :D

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Borough The Podium

Service was PAINFUL! ***Updated. Much Better!


Too bad, because this place is pretty decent. I like the fact that it's 24hrs. I'll update this review when I remember what I ordered. I think it was pulled pork sandwich. I was more than satisfied with my order.

The only problem with this place is the service! I've never had such bad service in a restaurant. There were 7 of us in the group. The first order came in after 40 minutes. A medium rare NY strip. It's the fastest thing to cook, and yet it came in 40 minutes... service goes downhill from there. the other items came in every 10 minutes. Mine finally came in last... when almost everyone was done eating! Inexcusable! Should never have happened. They weren't even that full, which boggles the mind.

I have no idea what they're doing in that kitchen... whatever it is, it's not working. Complete lack of organization. I'll give this place another chance after a couple of months to see if there's a change, but for now, keep away if you lack patience.

**Update 6-7-2011
I went back after a few months to check out the place again if there was improvement. To my delight, there was! The service was 10 folds better and the food was the same good quality from when I first visited.

I will definitely keep coming back! One star service review has been bumped to 4!

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Momo Cafe Eastwood Mall



I've been to Mr. Jones, Greenbelt and Chelsea at the Fort so many times because of the high quality food and pretty good service.

Momo Cafe at Eastwood was just horrible. The management... well... sucks.

I walked in after a minute of standing by the entrance since nobody was paying attention and called the attention of a waiter. Asked him to seat me inside as soon as there's an available table. The guy was friendly... he took down my name and number. After 5 minutes, a party leaves... the staff clears the table and puts new plates. I figured maybe there was a party before me who reserved that table... so I waited a little longer... Finally another party leaves... they clear that table and not a single waiter called me to tell me a table was available. So I walk in... asked another waiter if the tables are taken. He says no... I'm free to sit on either table. WTF! Really?

So the bad service is just a foreshadowing of things to come. My date ordered bacon carbonara, and I ordered the Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers.

Carbonnara was so bland... presentation was horrible as well. Nowhere close to Chelsea and Mr. Jones. We had to douse it with tons of parmesan cheese, but no luck. It was still bad... almost a watery consistency.

I got my food, and it was overcooked. Although the flavor was decent, slow roast means that the beef should be extra tender. It was on the chewy side. The mashed potato had bits of potato... like it was made by lazy cooks who didn't want to mash it any further.

I cannot recommend Momo Cafe at all... at least not this branch. I hope they close down to make room for a better restaurant with better management.

I will obviously never come back here again. Raintree, what happened here??

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Shokr Kabab Aurora Blvd.

Surprisingly Good!


This place was recommended by a friend. It's located next to UERM on Aurora near Centerpoint Mall. I'm from the South, so going here is a journey for me. I was in Makati, so that's close enough for me to go check out this highly recommended place.

First of all, I love Persian food... even the not so authentic ones. I used to like Mister Kabab, but they're not as good anymore. Tried other ones in BF, they're pretty decent.

On to Shokr Kabab. I love the garlic sauce! It's not too sweet, but enough of it to compliment the garlic flavor. The kababs were delicious! The flavor wasn't too overpowering, so applying the sauce just makes it perfect!

And it's so cheap! They have student prices! Excellent! I wish they'd open up in the South so I can have my kabab fix down here.

Will definitely go back.

(I'm rating the ambiance relative to what I expect of a place like that)

8 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Mexicali SM Megamall

Bad... just plain bad.



Horrible interpretation of Mexican food! A total bastardization!

9 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for T.G.I. Friday's / TGIF Glorietta 3

What happened here??


It has been years since I've been to Friday's @ Greenberlt 3, and a few months before @ the one in Tomas Morato.

The one in Tomas Morato was horrible... I just figured that the place is old and dreary and nobody goes there. I thought it was a fluke.

So I decided to visit the Greenbelt 3 branch. Service was nice... greeted right away. I noticed though that hardly anyone was there at dinner time on a Saturday night. Found it odd... until i tasted the food. (the bad ice tea and lemonade was a foreshadowing of things to come.)

Nachos were bad... it was bland and boring. I don't remember it ever being that bad. It barely had any melted cheese. Had to ask for extra cheese. It still wasn't good though.

Ordered one of my favorites... the Chicken Mushroom. Chicken was cooked well, but it was pretty much ordinary. For that much money, I expect it to be pretty damn good!

The overall experience was bad. I won't be surprised if Friday's at Greenbelt closes their doors very soon.

9 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Attica Bar and Lounge A. Venue Mall

Dinner and drinks at Attica!


I never though an establishment advertising itself as a bar and lounge can have a sophisticated range of food. From the pasta, to the angus beef brushetta! Our group ordered aligue pasta, which was to die for! It's devilishly good to the last bite.

Of the 7 or 8 dishes we ordered, the only one I didn't enjoy was the shepherd's pie, which advertises itself as "Bad" Shepherd's Pie... it's true to its name, so can't blame them for that!

The apple pie shots are a must!!! A couple of those and you're good to go. :)

Overall, this was a great dining experience for us. We got to enjoy the food early on, and the drinks on the wee hours of the night. I will keep coming back here!

9 years ago

Tony Salvan

wrote a review for Mr. Jones Greenbelt 5

Great food!!!


I love this place! I've been here so many times now and have nothing but good things to say. This is the kind of place that people should patronize and keep alive.

Yankee pot roast and mac n' cheese are to die for! Best Mac n' cheese I've tasted so far, and I've had my share of this. Burgers were delicious... salad was plentiful with fresh greens.

I grew up in the states, and this is by far the best American food I've tasted here!

9 years ago