Tootsie's Tagaytay

Tagaytay Ridge Tagaytay City, Cavite Cavite Philippines (046) 413-4629
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We were looking forward again to eating here as we always do when we're in Tagaytay.But yesterday was different, My wife noticed it right away.They were not as attentive to their customers as they used to and it was a total disappointment.And the place wasn't even full.They seem concerned about more mundane things in their life than their jobs.In the past we ate there at least twice during our stay in Tagaytay but with this experience,wouldn't even consider coming back.

4 years ago


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Untimate in Filipino Fine Dining


Personally, I feel Tootsie's in Tagaytay is one of the ultimate in Filipino fine dining! Last April 16, my family and I drove up to Tagaytay for a weekend in our usual haunt, Canyon Woods. Actually, one highlight of our regular trips to Tagaytay is to tryout an eatery we have never been to before for lunch. My youngest son JR, who is an armchair gourmet, recommended the place. Since he was treating, to Tootsie we went. At first blush, it looked like any ordinary high-priced restaurant.

But when the food was served, I couldn't help asking the server "who's your chef?" The first time I actually asked that question, I think. The food was that good! The dishes ordered by JR may sound ordinary : lengua estofada, kare-kare, roast chicken, lumpiang hinubad, shreded beef tapa and garlic rice. But when I tried the dishes one by one, I ...couldn't help telling my companions (wife Grace, sons JC ad JR) how magically tasty the food was. The expression " lengua melting in your mouth" assumes new meaning; kare-kare that makes you want to keep eating; beef tapa that's so garlicky, roast chicken to shame all others -- WOW! And on top of it all, the chef (who actually also owns the joint) came out of her kitchen to personally find out how guests were enjoying the food and even gave us complimentry "dirty" ice cream in cone!

And the final catch : when the bill came, I thought to myself "here it comes," what with the food so deliciously good and the place so uppity looking! Nope -- for all of the above, plus the ambiance, the bill came out to less P2,000! A real bargain!

On our next meal in another restaurant that evening -- I couldn't help complaining: how come the price is so high and the food is not even half as good as Tootsie's!

5 years ago


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Good eats!


Crispy pata was very good, so was the unwrapped lumpia. The kare kare was average, and the laing was excellent.

Service was good and the bathrooms were clean.

5 years ago


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Customer Service


If you are in Tagaytay, during peak hours (Lunch or Dinner), and feeling very hungry...don't visit this place.... else, you will leave still hungry and very irritated.

We went to this place for after lunch desserts...take note, we came for desserts only!

Within the 30minutes of waiting no one approached us if our order is already taken, or even update us on the order.

After so much patience, we follow-up our orders but no one came back to update us. And for the 3rd follow-up, we approached the counter; and heard the waitress mumbling...that they have just keyed in the order.

And so we walked out...still the waitress didn't do anything, didn't say anything!

They have poor customer service.

This is proven, as me and my family have walked out from this resto twice already, Dec 26, 2008 (lunch) and Dec 26, 2009(after lunch-desserts).

6 years ago

Joyce Cabral

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KUDOS to Tootsie's Restaurant! (Tagaytay)


The Chefs and the Manager, Hannah, who happens to be the niece of Tootsie's Resto owner, were so accommodating when we dined at their Tagaytay branch. The Chefs were then busy preparing lunch for their guests but we were surprised when they came out and thanked us for giving a positive feedback regarding the food they served to us. They even served us a complimentary pineapple dessert. See u soon!

7 years ago


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