Top Grill

Top Grill Jupiter St.

Eurocrest Bldg., 126 Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 751-9142
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Richard Talay

Richard Talay had Paksiw na Lechon

ang sarap dyan kumain mis kuankainan dyan

5 years ago


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Richard the manager is so rude


We went last sat with some of my friends to enjoy. We should be treated well since we are the CUSTOMERS. Okay, so it took 15 mins to get our order, mali mali ung order, it took another 15 mins to let us know na di avail ung order namin, mali mali ang computation. So syempre before we paid for the bills, pinaalam namin sa manager, whose by the way, RUDE, NASTY and BOSSY. His name according to the manager upstairs, his name is RICHARD TALAY. (he's gay, with long hair and has a husky voice) Sinigawan nya kami. Wala pa ethiquette coz while talkng to us, he got a phone call

Richard: Wala ( He shouted and drop the phone just like that)

also, we even warn some of their customers because we're upset... Before we left I heard him say " Bakit di naman ako customer ah"

So I went back and warn him ibablog ko sya, and replied with " cge para lalo kami sumikat" so I ask for the owner, which by the way ayaw nya pakausap sa akin....
So we spoke to another manager who cant even speak to that richard.... she only gave us the number ( same number posted here...)

So I called the next day and unfortunately, sya sumagot sabi ko I need to speak to MR. NIGADO, the owner, which by the way ayaw nya pakausap sa akin and said wala... "Patay na"

Is this how we're supposed to be treated when all we ever want is to enjoy to their place. Mr. Negado I think you need to survey customers on how we are getting service at your place.

7 years ago


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very very BAD!!!1


this place sucks.
food served cold + yuckee comfort room + defective sound system and mic + "parang-may-surot" couch + badly mixed drinks = hell of a ktv bar resto

I definitely wont come again.

7 years ago


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bad experience


We went to top grill last night to induldge ourselves after a long and tiring week. As we sat and pondered on the appetizers and beverages to order, we intellectually debated on what beverage and promo to order. Since we asked the waiter assigned to our table how many bottles of beers were contained in the beer tower, he then said “11-13 bottles” which then made me pressume that it came from a tap like the draft beer usually package and served. We then requested for it and was served. Initially came our glasses with ice, a bucket of ice and the appetizers or “pulutan.” Last to come was the beer tower afterwhich I then filled our glasses, cheered and drank on. I noticed an after taste in the beer that seemed it was diluted, I then asked for a bottle of beer for comparison. After comparing, I noticed that there was a huge difference and then politely asking the table beside us to assist us in the decision which they confirmed that the contents of the beer tower was indeed diluted. I complained to the manager about the situation who seemed very uncooperative and was then further confronted by the general manager that caught me flabbergastered with her hostility and unprofessionalism. I quickly retorted and told her that I was simply requesting that the beer tower’s contents to be replaced where not satisfactory and seemed to be tampered. After my plea, I was outrightly rejected that gave me no choice but not to pay the beer tower. The waiter then said that he himself poured the bottles of beer in the tower, which made me think that there would be a possibility that they could pour in uncomsumed or leftovers by other customers or older stock of beer. To make the long story short, we ended up at the police station and settled the difference there. Currently, we are having the beer tower’s contents checked with BFAD and SMC to see if it is contaminated or diluted. Once we get the results, we will post the results here and refer this situation to the proper authorities along with the police authorities who are also awaiting the results of the tests. If you want further information on the results, please feel free to email me at

8 years ago


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Great food, great price


We had dinner @ Top Grill last night ad were very satisfied with the quality of the food. There was endless variety,I felt like we were eating buffet. Moreover, the prices are very affordable. I will definitely go back and bring some friends.


8 years ago


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Top Grill should close down!

bad experience. bad customer service. bad staff. bad manager. everything sucks. i agree with you guys. their stupid policy about bags, and their policy that you cannot cancel an order. well, the whole spat started with the corkage we didnt know about. Isnt it that you can still cancel your order as long as they havent been served on your table already? well not for this stinking place. we had our order cancelled due to that issue with the corkage. then this waiter rushed in bringin half of what we ordered to the table. then they were forcing us to pay for the food. the manager was inconsistent when talking about their so-called policy. he first said, if it has been served on the table, you can no longer cancel. when we told him we cancelled before they have been served, he then said, once theyve been cooked, you can no longer cancel. manager was so impolite. how did he become a manager in this first place? he even said, "In this restaurant, the customer is not always right". He said we're banned in their resto. We're not that crazy to go back to your stinking resto, mister. Not ever!!!

8 years ago


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TOP GRILL-Never Again

My friends and me went there last night. When we already have our seats, one of my friends put her lunch bag over the table. The server notified her to remove her lunch bag out of the table so as not to disturb… Disturb what? Disturb their A** HOLE? Ok, we did not mind it. Not a big deal at all! We ordered beers, pizza, and nuts. Beers were served first. After 15 minutes, one of the servers approached my friend to surrender his bag? So were like, Why will he surrender the bag? And we said NO!! The server said, the customers must surrender bulk bags, especially those that are not shoulder bags because it’s our policy. My friend’s bag was not even bulky; it is just a shoulder bag. We said to him, it’s a shoulder bag. And the server was insisting that it was not!! So we kept on asking the server, what is the logic of confiscating the bag? The server uttered, “there were occurrences where customers steal our ash trays, drinking glasses and what not so we are informing our customers to surrender their bags. I am not saying that you would steal, as it does not show on your faces that you will do such. It’s our policy, SO AS A CUSTOMER, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW.” WOW!!!!! My friend exclaimed, “ I do understand your policy! But you have to check the number of ashtrays, glasses that you served to make sure if there is missing. Go cancel our orders, we will just pay for these beers and cancel our orders!” We had our smoke while waiting for our bill to arrive. The disturbed server approached my friend (Again, my friend who was informed to surrender his bag). “Sir, could you please put your ash in the ash tray?” As in were like, this resto is so weird!! Don’t open a bar/resto if you have a lot of dense policies.

Lia is correct, the resto is not high end where you can trust to leave your bag. We have been to a lot of bars/restaurants, even HIGH END RESTAURANTS, even RESTURANTS IN FIVE STAR HOTELS with stunning and posh ashtrays and drinking glasses but we have never treated that way. It was the first time that we encountered that kind of policy.

We will never come back again to TOP GRILL!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago


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The following tips don’t intend to discourage readers from visiting Top Grill but to provide useful info for them to enjoy their stay.

• Don’t bring bags bigger than a handbag …. its prohibited…..don’t know wtf is the logical reason why they won’t allow it. They will not confiscate it but will strictly require you to leave it on the baggage counter or place it “outside the protected zone”.

• If you do carry a Prohibited bag and don’t want to leave it on their quarantined protection counter, its either you just leave it inside your car or maybe Just Walk Out (JWO sounds better if you haven’t ordered anything).

• Stay inside the non-smoking area if you plan to use or sing in the “Videoke Corner”. Their racist policy prohibits “smoking-area customers” from accessing/touching the supposedly FREE KARAOKE. Its as if the folks from the outside are infected.

• They are from the future! Synchronize your time with their time the 1st thing you set foot. You don’t want to end up arguing with them begging for more ice-tea refills just becoz their not-so-pain-in-the-neck policy states that no more bottomless drinks after 9:30. Note: The time in my watch was 30 minutes advance than the average, I asked for a refill around 9:15, but they insisted its past 9:30. Duh!

• Lastly, ask crew members about their menus. You might be surprised that their “Oriental nachos” is actually just “Kropek”.

10 years ago


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Will never come back again!

We went there one night with officemates, because we heard that it was Gerry's Grill type of place, with videoke, and affordable.

I'll just enumerate the top 3 things that really irked me.

1. When we were ordering, one of their staff approached me. I was informed that this is their policy: that if your bag is not a handbag, it should be deposited in their baggage area. Now, see, my bag wasn't a handbag, but it wasn't a backpack either. If you want to picture it, my bag was an LV batignolles shoulder bag, a perfectly good lady's bag. So my immediate reaction was, "ay, ayoko"(hmm, i don't want to). Sorry to say, but I don't see the resto as a high-end establishment where I can trust to leave my bag, even if I'm using my other generic bags. And honestly, this is the first time that I encountered that kind of policy, even my officemates were so surprised. I tried to work with them and be a courteous enough customer. I asked if they want, they can fully inspect the contents of my bag, since the policy was for security purposes, as the woman said. They could also inspect it again before I leave, to assure them that I won't be taking anything from their resto. Your ashtrays are all yours, thank you. The woman won't budge, so I just opted to leave my bag in the car, since I was parked at the basement and not just on the side of the road. I didn't want to make too much fuss about it because I don't want our time to be ruined all because of my bag.

2. When we were about done with dinner(which didn't taste much really), we chided two of our officemates to sing on stage. It's free after all. It's like videoke but you have an audience and you're on stage. Since some of us are smokers, we were seated outside. Their inside and outside areas were divided by glass partitions, so we were able to see those who were singing. After a few minutes of song selection, and waiting for the other singers to finish, my two officemates went back to our table, without having sang yet. "Bawal daw kumanta yung mga nakaupo sa labas"(Those seated outside are not allowed to sing). Geez! That's sooo weird, isn't it? What kind of rule is that? In the first place, they asked us where we wanted to be seated when we arrived, if smoking or non-smoking. My officemate said, "dapat tinanong nila kung singing or non-singing"(they should've just asked if singing or non-singing). Sheesh.

3. As most restos do now, they also had bottomless drinks. However, it was stated that their bottomless drinks ended by 9:30. That in itself, I found a bit off already, but oh well, we started around 8pm, so I figured the bottomless drink will be worth it. Around 9:20(I checked my watch, my officemate also checked his), my officemate asked for a refill. The waiter said, "tapos na po ang 9:30"(it's past 9:30). We showed him our watches, to show him that it's just 9:20pm. But no, he said it's already 9:35 on their clock. How convenient!

I seldom rant about my bad experiences in restos, because I would always think that my bad experience was just coincidental ang give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt. But this time, I just can't let it pass. Their establishment sucks BIG TIME.

One more thing, which can be just plain funny. They had oriental nachos in their menu. Guess what it was? KROPEK. I rest my case.

I hope the blog owner won't mind, but I found this bad review also in the internet:

10 years ago


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great food,ambiance, service and sound system


most of the new customer who came here, have in mind that topgrill restaurant were not airconditioned cause from outside you would only see umbrellas, but ones they get inside they found out that the biggest part of the restaurant were covered with glass and fully air conditioned, and has 2 videoke that they let their customers sing for free and aside from that they have a good sound system and a stage where you will feel like a total performer ones your in the stage. they serve asian foods, mostly are filipino cuisine and thai but a lot more are added to their menus, they have japanese, korean, chinese and etc. try going to this place and surely you will enjoy in less the cost.

10 years ago


Chinese , Filipino , Italian , Japanese , Korean Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 12:00AM - 12:00MN
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