Tramway Shaw Blvd.

G/F Woldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd Highway Hills, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 861-7129
Tramway 3.6 5 12 0
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Great Bargain


I have been to 2 tramway branches, Timog and Benawe, many times before and was surprised to know that they have a branch in Mandaluyong City. I must say that this is the best among the three.

For a price difference of about 40 pesos compared to its other two branches, you get a way lot more here in Mandaluyong branch. Aside from the usual table fare you can get in these two branches, you get the following:
1. A make-your-own noodle soup bar
2. Make-your-own pasta corner
3. Four kinds of siopao
4. Assorted cakes for the desserts
5. More variety of dishes
6. Wider space, better and cooler ambience.
7. Spoon and fork are wrapped individually in plastic and are more presentable.
8. Water pitcher can be requested on the table
9. And many more improvements over its two older branches.

There are more variety of food and more dishes to choose from, and they are all generally great tasting and well prepared.

At 238 per head, it's indeed a big bargain and more than your money's worth.

4 years ago


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Appreciation and Thanksgiving at Tramway Shaw


We ate at Tramway Shaw last December 3, 2011 for our thanksgiving and appreciation to our friends and Church mates, we were 50 and we occupied emerald function room.

1. Food- everything was awesome. Main dishes were good, as well as the desserts and side dishes. Personally, I liked steamed fish and macaroni salad. Seeing all our guests making their way to the buffet every minute just made us smile. They love the food indeed, we were all full.

2. Environment- we occupied a function room that time because we were 50 and we want privacy- which we achieved. The function room has small stage, we had personal waitress- which made our transactions and requests more convenient. The little kids we were with were playing and we can shout if we want, we talked loud, we laughed hard, we had small program, everything went fine.

3. Value- More or less we spent 16k pesos for 50 people (238/adult 171/kids) and function room (2000/3 hours). But that was way way cheaper compared to other buffet restaurants.

Thank you Tramway for making our special thanksgiving and appreciation mini party a success, an event we and our guests will surely cherish. we had so much fun and we will come back for more, for sure.

4 years ago


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Great value for money


tramway shaw provides the thing that lacks from the 2 other branches of tramway and it is the great eating condition, what i mean is that of a cooler place maybe because it's new. The food is really great I had 5 rounds for the main/side dish and 3 rounds for dessert for only 218.00 pesos. The yang chao was really good together with the chinese style chicken these 2 dished will surely make you full. I also feasted on the buchis. The refilling of the food was also faster here than those of the 2 other branches and the crew was quiet nice, they will always remind you to look after your bag. It was really a great experience to eat at tramway and I'm definitely coming back.

5 years ago


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A Birthday Celebration that's Worth Every Cent!


I celebrated my birthday here and I must say I felt like a treated my family and friends in a hotel buffet. Really Worth it! For just P218/head, you will no longer worry if your guests are still hungry because there are a lot of dishes to choose from. Some of my favorites are the following: Halaan, Salad Roll, Steamed Fish, Dimsum with chilli suace, Sweet potato and Buchi!!

5 years ago


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Great Value, Fresh Food


The wife and I tried Tramway in Shaw. I had been to Tramway in Timog a couple of times and thought they were good, not great, but good, certainly good value.

Tramway Shaw is within the complex that houses Sykes and the Tramway there is as huge as the complex itself. You could probably seat 1,000 there. Since the place is still new it had that clean, sparkling look, should be interesting to see if they can keep it up.

As for the food, let's just say there were hits and misses.

Hits: the whole steamed fish, although one of them wasn't cooked through and through and had semi-bloody guts; the siomai which was freshly steamed and tender and didn't taste like 50% extender; the Yangchow fried rice, which wasn't overseasoned and had a nice chew to the rice; the deep fried taro puff, although there wasn't enough of it coming out as it was alternated with a very pedestrain lumpiang shanghai; braised patola which was very fresh; the soup of the day, which was dark, rich, thick and flavorful; stir fried clams in what seemed to be a black bean sauce.

The misses: sweet and sour something, might have been meatballs, but had the texture of street cuisine chicken balls; deep fired radish cake, which had a sour-ish aftertaste as if it was an hour or two away from turning bad; badly-rolled California maki with gluey rice.

My jury is still out on the fried chicken, which the fry cook couldn't seem to get evenly done. Some parts were tender meat and perfectly crispy golden brown skin, some parts were undercooked and sometimes still reddish meat with soggy skin.

Tramway should at least make sure that ALL the food coming out of their kitchen is already fully cooked, as in the cases of the fish and chicken. This isn't just a culinary concern but more importantly a food safety and health concern.

Overall though, for just under P450 for two people who eat as much as the wife and I do, that was still very good value. I hope they can sustain the pricing and improve the total food quality.

5 years ago


Chinese , Filipino , Japanese Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, F, Sa, Su: 11:30AM - 3:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Th: 11:30AM - 12:00PM
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