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Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub Julia Vargas

City Golf Arcade, Dona Julia Vargas Ave Ugong, Pasig Metro Manila Philippines (02) 468-4787
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January Tan

January Tan had Beef Shawarma Rice

5 years ago

January Tan

January Tan craved for Beef Shawarma Rice

5 years ago


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Bad food quality


I wasn't satisfied with my very first Uncle Moe's experience. Sobrang ganit ng beef. And parang hindi man lang ininit ung shawarma. Kinda overpriced too with that amount of serving, ang konti eh.

We ate at the Malingap Street, Sikatuna-Teacher's Village Branch.

6 years ago


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I'd eat shawarma everyday if I can


@BISDAK: I'm also from UA&P and I know exactly how you felt when Food Channel temporarily closed on Pearl Drive! I used to eat their Shawarma Rice everyday for lunch and have Shawarma Regular with Cheese or All Beef with Cheese for merienda! My friends and I did the same thing, we'd go all the way to Mr. Kebab just to satisfy our craving for those tender pieces of beef wrapped in pita bread topped with irresistibly mouthwatering garlic sauce ...until Uncle Moe's came. I especially love their chicken kebab! But then again, in my opinion, nothing really beats Food Channel's Shawarma Rice.

@Trissi: As mentioned above, I agree that Uncle Moe's is really a place worth going to. I'm also from the South and just recently, a Food Channel branch opened in BF on President's Ave. Since it seems like you, BISDAK and I have a common ground for loving Uncle Moe's, you might also want to try Food Channel's Shawarma varieties. :)

7 years ago


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Food? Good! People? Needs Improvement!


Ever since Food Channel closed in front of UA&P along Pearl Drive, I have been looking for a place where I could eat my favorite Shawarma+Rice combination.

Me and my friends used to have to go to Mr. Kabab's in QC just to be able to satisfy our cravings.

And then there was Uncle Moe's.

The Shawarma Rice isn't the same as Food Channel's, but it is interestingly good. The secret is in the sauce.

Don't expect the waiters to hear you right away, though. It usually takes a minute or so of hand-waving, semi-shouting, to catch their attention... and to think we were seated in front of the cashier!

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Behrouz and you're in the Metrowalk area, you can now just head over to Uncle Moe's. No need to bring a lot of cash... just a lot of patience with the service.

9 years ago


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Uncle Moe's Rocks


I love the food. It's cheap comfort food. I can't help but keep coming back for more considering that I live down south and how much gas prices are! Truth be it, when I first discovered the place I didn't have to wait for a table but now that people have heard about it, you're going to have to sometimes wait for one but hell, meals mouthwatering enough to wait. :) Trust me! I'd post photos if I could. Try it, it rocks! And no, I am not related to the owners. :) Should get free food though. Hahaha!

9 years ago


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Discover this yummy place!


If you're famished and would like to satisfy you're Persian cravings with the yummiest beef and chicken kebab's, this is the place for you!

And this is the only restaurant I know that serves the juiciest chicken shawarmas.

I promise you, you won't be sorry you dropped by.

9 years ago


Mediterranean Fast Food
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 12:00AM - 12:00MN
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