Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant

Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant San Miguel by the Bay

SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay Metro Manila Philippines (02) 846-3888
Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant 3.44444444444444 5 10 4
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Lot's of choices!

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Buffet craze in MOA


My friends and i accidentally passedby the sm bay the bay area and we saw a long line in a resto named Vikings. Honestly it caught our attention and decided to try the place. Unfortunately they were fully booked (around 7:30pm) and there's a long list of guests waiting for their turn. We decided to come back the following day and to make sure that we will get a table my friend decided to reserve a table for 9 people. We were informed that we have to be there before 12noon or else our table will be goven to other guests. So be it!!!

Day2: at last we made it before 12noon and we were given 2 separate tables good for 5 persons each table. We were expecting to at least have 1 table good for 9 people so that all of us will be seated together, unfortunately that did not happen. My friend approached one of the waiters and asked if we can transfer to another table, but her request was declined coz accdng to the waiter there's no vacant table at that time... ;(

There are a few reasons why this place is a good one:
1. Ambience
2. Interior - first class
3. Well-trained staff
4. Wide buffet spread
5. Wide selection of desserts (for the sweet tooth) ;)

There are several not so nice things about this resto:
1. Slow refill
2. A lot of items lacking on the buffet spread
3. Waiters are not approachable & friendly
4. Overall food rating is just so-so. Nothing spectacular...
5. LOng wait on the grill station & carving station
6. A bit pricey with the quality of food that they have. Beef is tough, lechon is still raw, tempura is
Soggy, etc. etc.

I can say that vikings is a "far cry" compared to the buffet of market cafe in hyatt hotel. Though vikings have cheaper price compared to market cafe, but i'd rathet pay for something much more expensive if i get quality & quantity.

My friends and i might consider coming back to vikings, but not that soon...

2 years ago


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Oooh lala Vikings!!!


Oh FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!! Even after partaking some of the best hotel buffets, I think I've never seen so much food in my life as when I went to Vikings. It's easy to get overwhelmed and "takaw-tingin" when you survey all the food stations and dishes up for grabs. Just a few tips: survey all the stations first (and boy there are a LOT) and choose the dishes you want to try before piling on everything on your plate. Make room for the unlimited drinks too -- juices, sodas, beer, coffee...!!

I found the quality of the food quite at par with hotel standards, yes everything from the appetizers to the salad and main courses. You also get unlimited yogurt and ice cream for dessert. Some of the dessert selections were so-so, and I wasn't even able to try out the carving and meat stations because of the long lines. The resto was PACKED when we ate there, and it became kinda tiring to have to jostle and line up for the food. But for the price we paid (P888 for weekday dinner), the buffet was really super super SUPER worth it.

Oh yes I'm definitely coming back, and I hope they won't be raising their prices anytime soon. And I'll make sure to come on a weekday lunch, when the price goes down to as low as P688.

2 years ago


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10/10 for a non hotel buffet!


★★★★★★★★★★ 10 star rating because:
1. The place was inviting.
2. Servers were accommodating.
3. The buffet area was kept clean all the time.
4. The servers per section of the buffet really know what they are serving. (I told you I ask too much)
5. Food was worth it!

For photos and the whole review visit

Try reading the comments too! I loved my stay in Vikings!

2 years ago


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Belive ME!! WE deserve this!!


Contrary to the first two reviews, I think in time this resto has improved a lot. There were lots of delicacies offered. The ambience was exthralling. The food was exciting. The service is efficient ,though this resto seem to favor patrons and there would be some discrimination in the table selection. I like the salmon lasagna, the VIKING Pizza, and the selections of cheese. Just bear in mind that their price is usually high during weekends. I'm thinking of bringing my officemates here. XD

2 years ago


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crabs and baked oysters in a buffet


We were a group of 6 when we ate here last June 13, 2011, dinnertime. We came in early at around 630-7pm, and were rewarded with all the steamed crabs, baked oysters, lechon, grilled prawns and tenderloin steaks we can eat. They were all delicious! There was peking duck which we never sampled since we just had chinese food the previous day. Sushi choices or rather maki/rolls were limited, but we had our fill of tuna and salmon sashimis. There were a selection of filipino foods such as grilled fish and kare-kare which i never got to taste because of my previous choices. Dessert choices were plentiful, from the cakes to the creme brulee which were good. Local kakanins such as maja blanca and sapin-sapin were forgettable. There was an ice cream scooping station too. Drinks (juices, draft beer, soda and coffee) were included in the buffet price, and we had our fill of the sweet tasting watermelon juice. Ebi tempura was good but there always seem to be a waiting line for it. The price of P888 is quite steep compared to other resto buffet but definitely less than hotel buffet prices. And having crabs and oysters makes it IMHO reasonable. My advice is for you to come early to enjoy the spread. Though they close at 10pm, refilling seems to stop at around 9pm.

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American , Chinese , European , Filipino , Japanese Casual Dining
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  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 10:00PM
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