Yakimix Greenbelt 3

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Ayala Center, Makati Metro Manila Philippines (02) 475-5153 to 54
Yakimix 3.33333333333333 5 15 7
noemi bermejo

noemi bermejo had HK Spicy Chicken, Shrimp, Leche Flan, Blue Lemonade, and Salmon Sashimi


the food was great...the ambiance is good.
yakimix is an eat-all-you-can resto that is worth your money...

3 days ago

Jineva Bernardo

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6 months ago

Wynn Bergonio

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Mygel Sison

Mygel Sison had Sinigang Soup


8 months ago

Ssweet Barbon

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Christine Tiongson

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1 year ago


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Lunch @ Yakimix G3 Dec 29, 2011


Food, Ambiance and gimmick was excellent!!! The only thing I didn't like about Yakimix G3 is the service. "MOST" Waiters and Waitresses are not customer oriented. When you ask for their assistance ALMOST ALL the time they will say "wait lang po" BUT after finishing their task they wont even bother to get back to you to ask your concern. PLS.... Improve your customer service!!!

2 years ago


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My family is so fanatic of eat-all-you-can resto. My siblings and I were so excited last xmas eve as we decided to try Yakimix. All I can say, the reviews from the blogs were OVERRATED!

The food is so typical, nothing special. Minimal variety of dishes. We are not maarte when it comes to food but their dishes did not satisfy our taste buds. The only item we appreciate was california maki. The drinks (sodas and juices) were not so good - bland. More water, less flavor. PLUS, these were served in PLASTIC glasses.

The service was fine though they were not that prompt. AT LEAST, the place was clean – at that time!

Are we coming back? That we have to think about… a lot! My advice, dine at other restaurant that serve the same genre.

2 years ago


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You Make Me Sick!


Ten of us celebrated a Christmas Party by dining in Yakimix Greenbelt last Thursday. Well it's a known fact that they're food is what Filipino's would call "nakakasawa" plus there were some that you wouldn't recognize. Imagine eating something like a molten styrofoam that the server would tell you is a cheesecake!

Well, going back, out of the ten of us, six were not feeling well the day after we had our supposed "feast" - the three not being able to go to office. It's Sunday now and my diarrhea still wouldn't stop.

2 years ago


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Won't go back


The quality of food and overall ambiance is not good at all. My group had stomachaches after dining there. Be careful of the dining floor area because it is slippery like a kitchen. The drinking glasses (plastic) are oily and smelly. Won't go there again, won't recommend to my friends.

2 years ago


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loving this hot spot!!


Being introduced to this resto was one of the treasured moments of our barkada that we end up almost touring the entire metro to try their different branches. It was quite an experience! You just need to make it early to make a reservation or you will end up in the waiting list. However, the wait will always be worth it!

For a price of 599 pesos, you may fill your bellies up to your heart's desire. Enjoy the maki and the desserts!!! The classic tempura would always be there. Sometimes a tray of oysters would be served, but be sure to be quick to have your share. The ambience is nice!! and the service is efficient!! Certainly, going back!!

Plus, the aroma of the food would not stick on your clothes. Enjoy!!

2 years ago


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We'll not go back


We really felt sorry for the crew of Yakimix. I wish management would add more of them so you don't have to flag one down again and again to ask for water and utensils (which they kept on getting from the table). If there are enough of them, I think they will also have a chance to help people who are struggling with the grill. Think of the great shabu-shabu restaurants in the metro and you'll know what I'm talking about. Also, I hope the food will have proper labels. For people who are not familiar with Chinese and Korean dishes it would be really helpful if management adds a simple label to the food.

For the taste, I guess I couldn't complain. There were kimchi, sushi, sashimi, chinese food, and of course items to grill. For the drinks, next time just stick to coke. The lemonade and the mango juice are just weird.

All in all, if you have 600 bucks, just go to Dad's Crossover buffet and have a professional grill what you want to eat.

2 years ago


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Great food, good value and service


My team and I ate a couple of days here and the experience was fantastic. We couldn't say any negative about Yakimix, considering that our job description is generally to critique.

You go inside the resto and a very enthusiastic group of staff greets you (really loudly :))... the service was prompt and staff were really courteous and service-efficient.

The ambiance was so cool! The resto was spic and span. We noticed that tables were really clean, islands and walls were shimmering. The lighting and seating area were just right. The utensils and cookery were really clean. It's a good thing also that the plates were quite light so that it was easy for us to carry it around and put good food in it. There were reminders also on the table about separating the raw and cooked food for safety. Chopsticks comes complete with table napkins and toothpick. You can opt to use spoon and fork too..

It was so nice to go around the area because the presentation of the food were so creative and neat.

The best part of course is the food. Anyone who is a light-eater, who thinks that going to an eat-all-you-can resto is not worth your money, think twice when it comes to Yakimix. You get the freshest choice of seafoods and vegetables. The sushi and maki bar was a delight to go to - so many choices. So as the seafood area - salmon, other fishes, shrimps (mwah!), crabstick, clam, shell fish, squid and so many more for you to cook to your heart's desire. It is in this restaurant also that I saw the greenest vegetables. Normally, you just get to see such in provinces. There's also some choice for soup (I would request a pumpkin soup please...) And of course, let's not forget the array of desserts - cakes, brownies, macaroons, ice cream with lots and lots of toppings...

Value for money - really good. Not very expensive that only high-rollers can eat here, and you get satisifed - compared to other eat-all-you-can where there are only lots of choices but not tasty ones. Even their bottomless drinks are quite reasonable.

So for those peeps looking for somewhere to eat, try this out.
Before we came to this resto, we've been hearing that there's always a line to have dinner here...so we went during lunch.
Just around 30 mins after it opened, the place was fully-packed. Right when we were leaving, we passed a large group of people queing to dine in.

It was a real treat! We'll definitely be back and bring friends...

2 years ago


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Hope the Value Lasts


Was here just a couple of days ago with the missus. I found about about the place through a flyer. As it was a weekday the lunch buffet was at a moderate P499.

Overall ambience, attention to customers and feel of the place is above-average to superior, making them right a home in a posh environment like Greenbelt.

Their food is a lot better than one would think, certainly fresh and well-cooked. The day we were there the entrees included crispy pata (perfectly crunchy skin with perfectly tender meat, not fatty at all), shrimp tempura (too thickly battered but using bigger-than-average shrimp), lemon chicken, Japanese and Shanghai-style fried rice, beef with broccoli, kailan with garlic, all of which were at least above-average.

Sushi was fresh, with some unagi sushi, and the tuna and salmon sahimi are almost 5-star hotel quality.

Grilling items were above-average to superior as well, favorites included the Tiger Prawns, the whole shrimp, scallops, and the marinated beef (two different marinades), as well as three different types of grilling mushrooms. You may want to season the shrimp and mushrooms and scallops with salt and pepper before grilling them.

The kitchen tongs they provide however are not only hefty, they are rather tight and difficult to use. I stuck to my chopsticks and spoon and fork, and just asked for an eating set of the utensils.

I paid exactly )P1,063 including bottomless soda for my wife, and thought that was a superior value. Considering how much shrimp and salmon I had, plus the crispy pata and broccoli, I think I did pretty well. My wife did nearly as great as I did.

We also found it rather quaint that this establishment seems bent on productive partnerships with Selecta, Red Ribbon and Goldilocks. I had a couple of scoops of strawberry ice cream to go with my chocolate cake.

We're dying to try their branch in Podium.

3 years ago

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Japanese Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 11:00PM
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