Yakimix The Podium

5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave Wack Wack, Mandaluyong Metro Manila Philippines (02) 634-0302
Yakimix 4 5 15 3
roumayne serrano

roumayne serrano craved for Atchara

4 months ago

Angel Amistoso

Angel Amistoso craved for Spinach Soup

10 months ago

Grace Adriatico

Grace Adriatico craved for Seafood Tofu

10 months ago

jimwel gallarte

jimwel gallarte craved

Although the branch was far from the manila. it's worth driving for :) no matter how traffic and far the place. It's more affordable than manila branch.

11 months ago

ventocilla myel

ventocilla myel craved for Butter Chicken, Shrimp, Crab Stick, Sweet and Sour Pork, Selecta Ice Cream, HK Spicy Chicken, and Barbecue Beef Stick

the food was very delicious.... the ambiance "perfecto" the service "excellente" I love to go back here..... everyweek with my friends and relatives......

11 months ago


naja craved for Radiish Kimchi

11 months ago

Bow Tee

Bow Tee craved for Kenchi

11 months ago

Dia Stella Pajardo

Dia Stella Pajardo was here


Hi there!...This is my favorite branch in yakimix although i have been in moa and greenbelt but Yakimix Podium is still the best for me.Good customer service and "NUMERO UNO" sila sa Food quality.

11 months ago

bibsy niones

bibsy niones had Salmon Belly

love it!!

11 months ago


henry craved for Atchara, Sinigang Soup, Blue Lemonade, Kenchi, Mango Sago, and Macaroni Salad

I really love this meal.

11 months ago


Japanese Casual Dining
P500 - 800
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 5:30PM - 11:00PM
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