Yang Chow Tea House

Yang Chow Tea House Centris Walk

Eton Centris, Centris Walk, Quezon Ave cor EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila Metro Manila Philippines (02) 345-1257
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ravnos was here


the worst service I've ever had. Very terrible. Staff and management treat you as if you're a beggar asking for alms. They'd go deaf on you when you ask for something. The manager is very very very very rude. If you want to make a mess, go ahead. But if you want satisfaction and contentment, look for another restaurant.

2 years ago


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Value for money


I love chinese food and so does my family and this place is definitely a value for your money. My husband and my 2 kids eat here for a merienda after a long stroll in the Manila Seedling Bank. A first time in this place and was not dissapointed. We ordered their noodle soup (chicken and beef) and the taste would really compete with other well known chinese restaurants (Though I like better the taste of the chicken soup than the beef). Their shrimp siomai was just as tasty as well (this is the only variand of siomai available, no pork no beef) and our favorite chicken feet can compete from our number one at the moment (Super Bowl). Dimsums are just as satisfying. With the four of us having these merienda treat we were really full for just a value of less than 500 pesos!

4 years ago


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good food BAD service...


Yang Chow is an affordable and yet surprisingly good place to eat. It's quality and taste can compete head to head with the likes of Mann Hann. My favorite of course is their Roasted Duck wrapped in lettuce or if you're on a budget the Duck Rice Meal. They also have a mean plate of hot prawn salad which is now my standards for a good plate of hot prawns.

That being all said, alas the good experiences end there. Because of all the nice eats I've had there we decided to hold a party in their newest branch in Centris, Q.C.

They had a good set menu with Pepper Crab, Assorted Cold Cuts, Roasted Duck and more. I was already mouthwatering when we were booking the place. A down payment was made using a credit card and all hell went loose. There were two P11,000 charges on my wife's card one for the down payment the other was placed on hold meaning its floating. We went back to the place to maybe get the hold off.

We were fortunate that the owner was around so that we can directly settle this to the person making all the decisions. But the guy was very difficult to talk to and was going on and on that they do not double charge anyone. 'Nuff said we cancelled our reservation and now we are also being stiffed for the P11,000 we paid as a down payment.

He assured us he will refund us (minus the surcharge fee for the credit card would you believe!). When we asked for some sort of writing he will refund us the guy went nuts!! Lectured us about trust and such. So naively we did...

Then I remembered what a wise MMDA enforcer said to me when I got into an accident:
"Langit at lupa i-papangako nyan sayo pero sa huli gigipitin ka nyan!"

4 years ago


Chinese Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
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