Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food Wilson Street

Wilson cor P Guevarra St Little Baguio, San Juan Metro Manila Philippines (02) 234-2162
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Critique: Yen Yen
Cuisine: Taiwanese Street Food Cuisine
Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Location: 96 Granada St. Gilmore, Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 345-32-19
Lightings- Yellow flourecent lights plus natural lighting from the sun’s rays
Music- Taiwanese music
Air conditioner- Have their own
Chairs- Brown metal like chairs
Tables- wooden like base (flesh color) and legs are painted gray metal like material
Walls- Light yellow painted walls
Floors- white tile floorings
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Green Tea Ice Tea” P28.00 it was a surprise for me that this drink was not instant it really taste like Green Tea.
Side Dish- “Taiwanese Rice” P148.00 this was in good amount of serving and this was not oily or even salty the flavor was good.
Vegetable- “Rice Wine Cabbage” P88.00 in spite of it being a little undercook it was again a different taste and it compliments with the rice meal.
Entrée- “Crispy Fish Dory” P188.00 this was really good and not oily and the breading was flavorful. To add the quality is really good for two people or more :D.
Class B-C of students, businessmen, family of class A mostly, less of B, and clothing were casual.

Men wear red polo with black pants.
Waiters- have name tag however, everyone served me there so I do not know all their names so I am going to generalize this comment. They also know how two respond well.
It was individually laminated with complete descriptions and pictures; however, it was a little too big for us too hold.
Yes, it is worth to stay in this restaurant; however, I would probably spend this every four weeks because of my budget and the distance of this place as well. But as long as you are leaving around this area then by all means no problem here. They do not have comment cards.

8 years ago


Taiwanese Food Stall
P1 - 150
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
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