Zark's Burgers

Zark's Burgers B.F. Homes

Presidents Ave B.F. Homes, Parañaque Metro Manila Philippines (0923) 737-2515
Zark's Burgers 4 5 15 1
edlin jorah villacrusis

edlin jorah villacrusis craved for Jawbreaker, Chokeslam, and Tombstone

7 months ago

Kei Guites

Kei Guites craved for Jawbreaker, Tombstone, and Zark's Ultimate Burger

7 months ago

Cristemar Robles

Cristemar Robles craved for Jawbreaker

9 months ago

Daryl Lorenzo

Daryl Lorenzo craved for Jawbreaker

10 months ago

Diane Lee Nicolas

Diane Lee Nicolas craved for Jawbreaker and Nachos Galore

1 year ago

Venice Reinafer B Ablen

Venice Reinafer B Ablen craved for Jawbreaker

1 year ago

Pearl Jamaldin

Pearl Jamaldin craved for Jawbreaker

1 year ago

Grace Buelva

Grace Buelva had Jawbreaker and Zark's Ultimate Burger


1 year ago

Niña Pagador

Niña Pagador craved for Zark's Ultimate Burger

1 year ago

Nelissa Anne Balia

Nelissa Anne Balia craved for Jawbreaker

Kill me now, but I really wanna try this one! UGH! >_<


1 year ago

Kristine May Fuentes

Kristine May Fuentes craved for Jawbreaker and Zark's Ultimate Burger

I can't wait to eat that Jawbreaker burger! and try the challenge! HAhHhHAHhHaha! :)

1 year ago

Jeng Dela Cruz

Jeng Dela Cruz craved for Jawbreaker

1 year ago

John del Rosario

John del Rosario craved for French Fries

if zarks have a promo like unli fries?

1 year ago

John Paul

John Paul craved for Jawbreaker and Tombstone

1 year ago

Joseph Subido

Joseph Subido craved for Jawbreaker

1 year ago


Casual Dining
P150 - 300
  • M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su: 11:00AM - 12:00MN
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