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Gotti's Ristorante 3.26666666666667 5 15 0

wrote a review for Gotti's Ristorante The Atrium, SM Megamall

Good Food, Great Service!


A group of high school classmates set up a get-together at this place. I was kinda apprehensive since I have never heard of this place, though hubby and I are always at Megamall.

We ordered the different pizzas and pasta, but the one that made me go back is their Fruitti de Mare. It’s tomato based, with lots of garlic plus the different seafood I all love – shrimp, squid and mussels. It’s so good, it’s been my regular order ever since. Hubby, on the other hand is a fan of Arrabiata, simply good with the tomato sauce.

Apart from the good food, what we love most of all is their service. One time, I forgot to call them to advise that I will be availing my Ensogo voucher. The Manager, still accommodated us, with a request to call for reservation next time, and she said it with a genuine smile. Promise, next time I will get her name; people like her deserves to be recognized.

The staff are equally efficient too. Very attentive and they do remember their customers. They even lead us to our usual spot.

So for those of you who wants to fill in your tummy with a hearty meal after a long day of shopping, this is a good place. Value for money with great service!

8 years ago


wrote a review for Goodles Robinsons Galleria

Unexpected goodness from Goodles


Finally had the chance to try Goodles at Galleria the other day. I ordered the garlic shrimp and chorizo pasta and a Coke. Service was very efficient and friendly. I was the only customer that time - came right after lunch and just before merienda. I initially thought the tub would be "bitin" but when I started digging into it, I can't help but smile. It was filling, satisfying, oh so yummy. I wish Goodles was nearer but then again, I would be a lot poorer if I can go there everyday. Would come back to try the other pasta offerings and dessert and hope I would love them as much as I liked my garlic shrimp and chorizo. Craving much....

8 years ago

Camille Abigail

wrote a review for Orchard Road SM Megamall

A new found fan of asian food


Critique: Orchard Road
Cuisine: South East Asian
Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Location: SM Megamall, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Tel No: (632) 470-4546
Lightings- Orange color on the bulbs
Music- American Pop Music
Air conditioner- They have their own air conditioner
Chairs- Sofa like chairs with cushions in flesh and dirty white colors
Tables- Circle white metal like top with black metal circle shaped based
Walls- Red painted walls decorated with wooden like materials and pictures of their dishes
Floors- Tiled white floors
Foods Ordered:
Beverage- “Bandung” P75.00 it has a lychee with milk taste so it is sweet but not too much that it will over power your liking.
Entrée- “Wanton Noodle Soup” P145.00 this was something that is light but filling it definitely needs more shrimp dumpling but it is fine for now and the noodles seems like they are freshly done.
Dessert- “Sago Gula Melaka” P85.00 nothing could be more unique than this since it is really bittersweet taste because of the coffee and sugar syrup combine giving you a sort of mocha taste think like a coffee jelly dessert but a whole new level.
Class B-C of students, businessmen, family of class B mostly, less of C, and clothing were business wear, casual, and semi formal.
Female waiters wear white polo shirt and black pants; while male waiters wear brown long sleeves with design and black pants
(Forgot Her Name)- I wanted her since she was the only one minding me and since I asked for her name which I can’t believe I forgot; but the point is she was attentive and listened to my instructions. The process of being serve is you line up in line to tell what you want to order and pay for it too; then wait for the order to go to your seats so that’s basically it.
The menu is arranged separately like a one page with pictures setup than it is laminated. I like it because there are pictures in the menu and description on what exactly you are eating.
Yes, pricing and quality wise it is really good but I think if you are in a budget I prefer you don’t maybe just once every 4 weeks if you can just spend that day. I deeply recommend the Bandung it is really refreshing for this hot summer’s day.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Good Burgers Pasig

Good indeed!


Ordered a Best BLT Chicken Burger. The burger size was massive with two chicken burger patties that tasted so good you would mistake it for a beef patty. I think this is the best chicken burger in town right now.

Took about 10 minutes for the food to be cooked but it was ok. Nice hot off the grill right to my table.

Since the place only had 3 tables and not airconditioned, I understand that they cater more on takeouts and deliveries.

The burgers here are so affordable given its quality though more convenient on takeouts and deliveries.

The food was awesome though not recommended for dine in but it was a good burger experience!

8 years ago

Paean Saucium

wrote a review for City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons Galleria

Commendable Cuisine, Contemptible Commitment


It is said that all great leaders have at least one great flaw that keeps them grounded and humble. The same may be said of restaurant buffets.

At first glance, the City Buffet branch at Robinsons Galleria sports all the critical features of a luxurious restaurant. The ambiance is certainly an inviting one. Courteous, smiling staff greet you at the door and lead you to cozy array of seats. The aisles are spacious enough to prevent any unfortunate collisions of human bodies during "rush hour." The lighting gives you that soft, homey feeling that stimulates your appetite and makes you want to let your guard down and relax. The service is decent--well, at least in the beginning.

The food options are certainly nothing to sneeze at, either. A fusion of some of the best of East and West, the menu changes every couple of weeks just to keep things interesting. Some of the more delectable dishes I've tasted include melt-in-your-mouth lapu-lapu in lemon butter sauce, pan-fried salmon belly and chicken in peach sauce. Mainstays like ice cream are always popular with customers of all ages.

Unfortunately, no amount of great food and ambiance will make up for a major chink in a restaurant's service armor, especially with respect to honoring commitments. After five successful dining experiences at City Buffet, I returned for a sixth time, hoping to relive the pleasurable experience. This time, it was anything but.

Long story short, I found that the table I had earlier reserved via phone was occupied by a family of customers. Normally, I wouldn't have minded if I'd been late or if another one was available, yet I stood facing a capacity crowd at peak hour with a grumbling stomach that prevented me from comprehending why the reservation was not honored like it normally was. In my experience, this is the first restaurant that has failed to do this for me.

When I confronted the manager about it, he explained that reservations were only honored until right before peak hour or before the customer arrives late, whichever comes first. After that, all commitments fly out the window. I asked him why he had not made this clear before. After all, I'd patronized the establishment five times in a row and arrived on time each time. He stammered out one of the most ridiculous excuses I had ever heard that I won't bother mentioning it here.

All in all, the message I received was that I was only valued as a customer until a bigger group of clients boasting bigger bucks came along. Well, it is understandable. City Buffet is still a business after all--just one where not all customers are right.

As this is the first time this has happened, I shall attempt to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they were simply rattled by all their customers demands that they couldn't come up with a plausible excuse. Their batting average has also been fairly good overall, especially during my first few visits.

Nevertheless, this is one major mistake that I shall not soon forget. I advise customers to avoid the peak hours and patronize the establishment before the madness starts and after it dies down. Forget about making reservations unless you have the major moolah to make them sit up and take notice.

In closing, City Buffet is a great place to savor the simple pleasures of life. Unfortunately, the service problem is a giant fly in their otherwise snazzy ointment. It's great if you're a first-time or regular customer dining during non-peak hours. Just don't expect them to keep their word and treat you well at all times, especially when the ravenous crowds start applying the pressure.

8 years ago


wrote a review for City Buffet Restaurant Robinsons Galleria

Short Changed


It was otherwise a nice dining experience. The food looks good. The place got nice interior and excellent layout. The waiters are very pleasant except th Manager.

I felt short changed when I took my dinner just a while ago. I called 9am earlier to make sure that they will serve crabs for dinner. I was so delighted that there was indeed crabs cooked as they told me over the phone - Hongkong style spicy crab. After going for 3 to 4 chop pieces, the serving plate was gone never to return again. I told the rude manager that I specifically dined in because of the crab serving but he told me that they just served the last one. I went in at 5:30PM and that was the last serving? He told me further that it was a left over from lunch buffet. Totally tactless. I asked him if it will be correct to charge me for my dinner which I am not fully satisfied. The tactless manager told me that I have to pay in full because I started eating already.
Next time you think of eating in this place, make sure that they will continously serve your favourite dishes.
I just hope the manager is not one of the owners.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Borough The Podium

Not for us


I went to Borough on the basis of the good reviews here. The dining experience my friends and I had there leads me to conclude that the reviewers who gave it a thumbs up surely ate elsewhere.

For starters, we decided to get the basic Chips and Dip, since it's pretty hard to go wrong with this. The basket brimming with potato chips seemed like a pleasant surprise until you started to eat it. The chips tasted like crispy paper, and the sour cream dip barely had any taste. It was a prelude to our quest for flavor that evaded most of our choices that night.

My friends had fried chicken and waffles, pumpkin ravioli, cola-glazed porkloin; I had the grilled Portabello mushroom burger in a brioche with a side of fries. Let me start with my meal. The fries were good enough, and since I recommended the restaurant, I tried to like the burger and I almost did, until I felt the bitter oiliness of one of the components flushing out whatever I liked about it.

The fried chicken and waffles looked good on the menu but was a different story when it arrived on our table. It was a sad kid's meal–a chewy waffle with a sugar glaze instead of butter and maple syrup, with a small chicken leg and thigh with gravy on the side. My friend complained that the fried chicken was a tad sweet and seemed to have been cooked in re-used oil. There was no contrast between the sweetness of the waffle and the chicken. The gravy should have helped, but it wasn't worth the calories.

The cola-glazed porkloin was no longer warm when it reached our table, and was tough and quite un-tasty, to be blunt about it. My friend quietly ate her pumpkin ravioli and said it was "just okay" when I checked on her. A friend who arrived late just ordered coffee. I wanted a silver lining to our otherwise disastrous meal and asked the late-comer about her coffee. Somehow, I wasn't surprised when she told me it wasn't good too.

We usually stay in just one place for dinner but this time, we had to go to another place for dessert.

I commend this restaurant, though, for having attentive servers. But it's not enough for a return meal.

8 years ago

Dinha Ong

wrote a review for Chelsea Grand Café The Podium



I was looking at another website's list of top fish & chips, when I came across the name of this restaurant. I decided then to have dinner with my husband there. We ordered the mussels appetizer, the fish & chips & the tomato pesto pasta. The latter was our fave, it was so yummy! I found the fish quite salty for my taste. The ambiance is really nice. It was quite pricey, but I think it was all worth it, considering the large servings. All was good to share.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Tramway Shaw Blvd.

Great Bargain


I have been to 2 tramway branches, Timog and Benawe, many times before and was surprised to know that they have a branch in Mandaluyong City. I must say that this is the best among the three.

For a price difference of about 40 pesos compared to its other two branches, you get a way lot more here in Mandaluyong branch. Aside from the usual table fare you can get in these two branches, you get the following:
1. A make-your-own noodle soup bar
2. Make-your-own pasta corner
3. Four kinds of siopao
4. Assorted cakes for the desserts
5. More variety of dishes
6. Wider space, better and cooler ambience.
7. Spoon and fork are wrapped individually in plastic and are more presentable.
8. Water pitcher can be requested on the table
9. And many more improvements over its two older branches.

There are more variety of food and more dishes to choose from, and they are all generally great tasting and well prepared.

At 238 per head, it's indeed a big bargain and more than your money's worth.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Nasi Lemak Authentic Singaporean Restaurant Robinsons Galleria

Good food


Good food and very affordable. They have this Php55.00 dimsum promo right now. But you can only avail their promo between 3-6pm. As I have said, good food and very affordable BUT bad service. Tagal kumuha ng orders! :(

8 years ago


wrote a review for Papa John's Pizza SM Megamall

Good, but not the best. Still worth it though :D


Date: Around Feb 2012
Branch: SM Megamall

The pizza that Papa John's offer was really good compared to the classic Shakey's and Pizza hut. What sets them apart is the dough that is quite crusty however very chewy, this is the most noticable feature of Papa John's Pizza. The toppings were quite common, and it did not have that it factor that would make you remember their Pizza.

Overall I enjoyed my experience with Papa John's, the atmosphere was very decent and the service was unremarkable.

PS The Pizzas were quite cheap, but it is SUPER WORTH IT compared to our usual Pizza Hut (Nothing against pizza hut :D)

8 years ago


wrote a review for HK Choi by Choi Garden SM Megamall



we ate again yesterday! ordered the roast duck roast pork and soy chicken. still incomparable! great staff!

i am excited to go back!

8 years ago


wrote a review for A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante SM Megamall

A Veneto's Pizza


A Veneto's Pizza is great. Classic yet delicious. Something to always look forward to eating.
Especially their buffalo wings. So good, sweet and mouth watering.
When I think about the Buffalo wings at A Veneto, my stomach cant wait to have it again.
Pasta is also good. Something to taste for yourself.

8 years ago

P Anda

wrote a review for J.Co Donuts & Coffee SM Megamall

J. Co Donuts - not my cup of tea


in manila, there's always a big hype about new restaurants so we decided to follow the herd and try this new place out.

the place is swanky with one side of the room selling donuts and the other side selling drinks and coffee. comfy seating arrangements

the first time we visited this place in megamall last week and they've run out of donuts (something ominous is happening here)

anyways, we tried several donut varieties and this is I can say... it's not exactly my cup of tea.

unlike krispy kreme and starbucks donuts, the donut smell is strong even when you enter the premises - reminiscent of dunkin donuts type of donuts- doughy smell

all the donuts base sold here are the same - except for the glaze and toppings

there's nothing spectacular about the donuts itself, but we like the glaze and toppings. they were yummy.

staff service were hit and miss. i think one staff who served us was indonesian (she spoke in the language) and looked surly and exasperated while we decided which flavor we wanted while the other filipino staff was all smiles and more accommodating.

can't say anything about the drinks part because i am not a coffee drinker however looking at the drinks menu, there wasn't really anything on offer for non-coffee drinkers and for those who are not really into milk-based drinks

the price is reasonable - about average 50 pesos a donut depends on the topping.

judge for yourself... but for me it's really nothing spectacular.

8 years ago


wrote a review for Orchard Road SM Megamall

very bad


This fake singaporean restaurant is killing me.....

8 years ago